The robots have done it again. The futuristic French duo of Daft Punk got the blogs a-buzzin' a while back when it was announced that the group would score the upcoming Tron: Legacy. The soundtrack will reportedly hit the streets in late November–KCRW's Jason Bentley will head up music supervision–so D-Punk fans had to satiate their hunger for new music with the few snippets that washed up online. That is, until now.

Six tracks Daft Punk wrote for the upcoming sequel recently leaked online at radio station 107.7 The End, revealing the dark, synth-driven rhythms that will provide the atmosphere for Tron's dystopian computer world. The results are pretty exciting. Imagine a fuzzed-out, electro Hans Zimmer or maybe a Nine Inch Nails / Vangelis collaboration, and you'd approach the sound of these new cuts.

There's a definite Bladerunner feel to the tracks, which is a welcome piece of nostalgia for fans of the original Tron. As the new Tron seemingly shifts from the original film's fantastically minimalist (and almost expressionist) design to a maximalist milieu for the iPod era, Daft Punk's balance of analog and digital sounds keeps it real.

UPDATE 2 [August 2nd 10:51 am] According to several sites, these extra tracks have been confirmed by Disney as fakes made by fans. The six other tracks from the score have yet to be confirmed as real.

UPDATE: After posting this yesterday, we were sent a link by a loyal reader to a set of songs allegedly FAKES from the movie. We're trying to verify the accuracy of these tracks now, but upon first listen, they sound pretty amazing. We posted these tracks after the jump too. We've tried to contact the YouTube poster, alexdraft26, but if any of you know more about this, please let us know. Check back in as we find out more.

After the jump, listen to the Daft Punk tracks, and learn to make your own Daft Punk helmet in 749 easy steps.

Here are some tracks sent to us yesterday, we're trying to determine their accuracy now. But the tracks seem to be broken up into scene numbers possibly corresponding to particular portions of the movie. Let us know in the comments if you have any more info!

These are the songs allegedly from the actual score of the film:

Daft Punk – Tron Soundtrack (Sampler) by Some Kind of Awesome

Best heard in a helmet. Make your own!

And here's a little Vangelis for you:

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