Watch out Buzz Lightyear, the Melvins have released a fist-pumping, thrashing toy story of their own. And let's face it, it's kinda cute. Yeah, I said it. C-U-T-E. The unstoppable hard-edged rockers have teamed up with Scion A/V* to create this video showing what toys do when you're not around.

Long ago, the Melvins dispensed with the auspices of heavy metal bravado. Yes, they still manage to drop some seriously heavy headbangers, but hey have no qualms embracing the artsy or the ridiculous. This is definitely NOT the first time the Melvins have played with toys. It's refreshing to see the godfather's of grunge throwing away the heavier-than-thou pissing match so often goes with metal (Brian Posehn was right) After 26 years of destroying expectations with genre/mind bending musical explorations, the only constant with the Melvins is change.

Watch the video here:

Scion A/V Video: Melvins – Electric Flower from Scion A/V on Vimeo.

*Yes, it's a bit of product placement/brand positioning, but Scion has supported a lot of fringe artists/musicians including the longstanding Metal Show. At this point with the record industry's implosion, private companies have stepped up to the plate to support artists who would be otherwise playing shows in their bedroom. (Read this interesting NYT piece on Converse's sponsoring of bands). It's the same art vs. commercialism conversation that's been going down since the Medici's. Is this punk? Is this ideal? Is it new? No, but giving many artists a chance to survive without waiting tables is good. Did Scion pay me to say this? Yes.** They paid me in Scions. I have a whole room full of Scions right now. I use two as roller skates, and another one as backscratcher.

**They actually didn't.

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