Top Lawyer, David Pierce, on Being the Consummate Optimist

Settling claims or sweeping minor accusations under the rug doesn’t portray a country’s entire legal image or journey. The journey of one lawyer is telling, though, in that it captures the core of where he came from and establishes the fundamentals of his existence and approach to handling legal matters for his clients. His father was born in Arkansas, literally dirt-poor, picking fruit and cotton as a child. He was only one of seven of his siblings to go on to college, specifically Berkley, UCLA, and USC, to obtain his degrees and literally became a rocket scientist. His mother’s father was a “chicken man” before there were supermarkets – both were raised from humble beginnings, which they relayed to their sons. David Pierce was the beneficiary of this upbringing, raised to do what was necessary to pave his destiny, working in construction, property management, insurance, and real estate to pay his way through law school. He understands and appreciates each of these industries and how they work. His drive to work hard and smart has been essential in the development of his edict to assist people seeking justice for the loss they suffered; given this, it’s clear that his background invites his innate ability to handle numerous areas within the legal system, such as construction and real estate litigation, business and contract disputes, employment, personal injury, and other complex litigation matters.

While there are many competent lawyers who specialize in any one of these fields, only a few stand out with their skilled and humble presence in the courtroom in the practice of their craft, true artisans of their trade. It is these few who do justice for their respective clients through their professional conduct and respectful demeanor, both in and out of the courtroom. To be a formidable and honorable advocate, one must be articulate and well-prepared but also cordial and gracious. Judges have routinely found David Pierce to be one of the afore-described quality few who have the forthcoming integrity and honest hard work ethic as the one to beat, and the one you want on your side in the courtroom. He is an experienced attorney and the founder and President of David H. Pierce & Associates PC.

Having been referred to by his peers as the smiling assassin, David Pierce is the face behind David H. Pierce & Associates PC, scaling up the firm to become a trusted platform for people seeking legal help or reimbursement for losses resulting from being wronged. David H. Pierce & Associates PC spans beyond the norm; it offers the best legal support in all areas of litigation. It is a firm working to advocate for the people and get them the deserved help in the face of injustice. David Pierce is an award-winning attorney who has been a member of ABOTA, American Board of Trial Advocates, since 2008.

David Pierce’s peers in Southern California Super Lawyers since 2006 have recognized him as one of the best litigators in the legal profession, representing the top 5 percent of practicing attorneys in Southern California. At present, he is admitted to the California State Bar (1990), Central (1991), and Eastern (2012) Federal Districts of California, as well as the Supreme Court of the United States (2014). David Pierce is also an “AV” Preeminent Rated lawyer (by members of the Bar and Judiciary) since 2012, which is the highest possible rating in both legal ability and ethical standards considered the pinnacle of professional excellence earned.

Raised in a middle-class family in Colorado, David realized that the essential qualities in a person are his or her character, attitude, and work ethic. By upholding high qualities, he has shaped his career as a lawyer, dedicating his education, knowledge, and experience to helping others. To date, David holds these values dear and constantly reflects these in litigation practice and client guidance. His courtroom skills and advocate approach for his clients have earned him a huge reputation among judges such as the Honorable David D. Perez, Judge of the Superior Court of California, and the Honorable Stanley M. Weisberg, notably the Menendez Brothers trial judge, to name a few. David is currently inspired by his wife and two children – the center of his pride and joy and the reason for his continued drive to be a role model, knowing he is truly blessed.

As a child prodigy, David Pierce excelled in academics quite easily and was the youngest student in middle and high school in his grade. Things took quite a turn in his University years at the University of Colorado. He was nearly expelled for failing grades because he thought he could get by without attending classes. As a reality check, David ended up paying for his entire education, forcing him to ultimately hone his responsibility and muster the courage and necessary efforts to make something worthwhile of his life. This experience has forever shaped his approach to preparedness, character, attitude, and work ethic.

David takes nothing for granted and is a firm believer in hard work. His attitude and ingrained work ethic are why he has succeeded in achieving his goals. He remains committed to helping people and becoming an invaluable resource to others even after he retires from formal practice.

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