Sports and music should never mix*. Ever. Other than Shaq's cameo with the Fu-Shnickens sports/musical collaborations are embarrassing, slightly painful, and yes, totally awesome trainwrecks worthy of watching. For some reason, many sports teams decided that it was in their best interest to make rap videos in the 1980's. Why rap? Perhaps it was the only kind** of music that can be performed after repeated head traumas?

After the jump, we have six of our favorite sports related rap songs.

If you have any suggestions for terrible/great rap songs by athletes, let us know in the comments!

LA Lakers Rap All-Stars – Just Say No!

This video probably caused more drug use than prevented it.

Raiders Music Video “Silver and Black Attack” 1986. It is imperative that you get the 2:47 mark, where you will witness the best guitar solo known to human kind.

“Can't Touch Us” Miami Dolphins: Two words: Keytars and Hammerpants.

William Perry – “The Refrigerator Man”

Sounds like Mr. Perry was suffering from a concussion.

MC Hammer Ft Deion Sanders

Yes, those are sumo wrestlers.

Carl Lewis ” Break It up”

So who knew Olympic sprinter/ long jumper Carl Lewis looks so much like Grace Jones? Not technically rap, but totally worth it for when when he's working out and a bubble flies in and lands on his nose. Wait for it!

*To be honest, music writers and sports shouldn't mix either. I had to google what sports season it was. Apparently it's not jai alai season. This is what happens when you don't dress out for P.E. because you think gym uniform is way less cool than your Primus shirt.

**Granted, commercial country and most pop songs are performed by barely conscious humans.

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