Top 15 Business Owners Making a Difference

Entrepreneurship has always been a driving force, shaping economies and societies worldwide. Yet, the recent rapid evolution of technology and communication has elevated the entrepreneurial realm to never-before-seen heights. This is reshaping the way we do business nowadays; from startups sharing their journeys on personal blogs to leveraging the reach of platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, a league of business enthusiasts is now seizing the digital realm to transform their visions into reality, presenting their ventures to the world.

These business aficionados are not just offering insights into their strategies. They are also showcasing their distinctive ways of life. Here, we’ve identified the top 10 most influential business minds hailing from diverse corners of the world, each providing invaluable entrepreneurial advice and visionary ideas to ignite your own ambitions.

These leaders have successfully steered their enterprises through challenges and triumphs and offer a window into expert guidance, amazing strategic thinking, captivating stories, and boundless inspiration. So, join us as we dive into the worlds of these visionary entrepreneurs and get ready to fuel your own ambitions.

Claire Joan Uhar

Claire Joan Uhar is the founder of onyxopal – a Los Angeles-based development studio dedicated to working with creatives and companies in entertainment, fine arts, and tech.

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Claire’s decade-long career across early and growth-stage tech, media, and social impact companies has consistently focused on uniting corporate and creative thinking. Recognizing the shared desires of these often seemingly contrasting worlds, she envisions a space where unexpected connections thrive, and entities achieve unparalleled success.

With a focus on building strategic alliances, raising funds, and developing brands, onyxopal’s current portfolio showcases the diversity and synergy of its partnerships to redefine the boundaries between commerce and creativity.

Carlos Alesandro

Carlos Alesandro, the founder and CEO of Dropship Freedom™, has been active in the E-commerce B2C space since 2018, growing various 7 figure brands and products online all without ever having any inventory or stock himself. This proven-to-work system can be done by anyone as it focuses on a supplier that already holds stock and that directly ships out customer products immediately!

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Instead of focusing on markets with high barriers to entry and competition like the US & Canadian markets, Carlos’s strategy focuses solely on countries within Europe that have a mass untapped buyer demand.

Carlos, who has been an entrepreneur since he was 17, first started working in a cookie factory from 9-5. Through trial and error, and now at the age of 22, Carlos has been able to not only generate almost $4 million dollars in online E-Commerce sales but he’s helped more than 200 people do the exact same from scratch.

While he’s living a life of freedom & abundance, Carlos’s real goal is to help change the lives of 1,000 people so they, too, can experience the stability and freedom that E-Commerce brings.

Nancy Berger

Meet Nancy Berger, a fashion industry veteran with 35+ years of experience. In 2007 she founded her consultancy, Brand+Data; a one-of-a-kind digital marketing consultancy that leverages each brand’s unique DNA while applying the data required to run a successful DTC business. Nancy Berger is a renowned name in the fashion space, having worked with big luxury brands like Valentino and Calvin Klein and consulting for brands such as Coach, Men’s Vogue, and El Corte Inglés.

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What sets Nancy apart in the digital marketing landscape is her unconventional approach. Unlike cliché practices, Nancy focuses on formalizing the brand first and then utilizing data to drive its growth and evolution. This unique methodology optimizes the natural friction between creative and KPIS. It is this push and pull that allows fashion brands to thrive.

Despite her impressive track record with prestigious fashion companies, Nancy’s true passion lies in helping small and mid-sized businesses grow. As a hands-on consultant, she immerses herself in her clients’ long-term strategies, working closely with them as a dedicated team member. Through Brand+Data, Nancy delivers a comprehensive range of digital marketing services, setting a remarkable example for the industry.

For entrepreneurs seeking to make their mark in the fashion world, Nancy Berger’s expertise and innovative approach offer invaluable insights and strategies. Embrace the power of Brand+Data to transform your brand and unlock its full potential in the competitive fashion landscape.

Jorge Garcia Castro

Jorge Garcia Castro is a prominent Latinx producer in Hollywood who has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry. He has collaborated with the majority of studios and streaming services, including Disney, Netflix, NBCUniversal, and Sony. He has participated in high-profile projects such as ‘The Irishman,’ ‘Wednesday,’ and ‘Stranger Things.’

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Jorge co-founded AlteredLA in 2012 to bridge the gap between the US Hispanic audience and the entertainment industry’s lack of representation.

Jorge’s work has been recognized by the industry; he was named a “Young Latino Leader” by Latino Leaders Magazine, was appointed as a Diversity Mentor by the Producers Guild of America, and is an advisor for the Jalisco Film Commission. His produced films, “Dinner in America” and “In a Relationship,” were official selections for the Sundance and Tribeca film festivals, respectively.

Jorge’s goal is to continue expanding the presence of Latin content globally and be recognized as one of Hollywood’s leading Latino producers. His most recent film, “Quiero Tu Vida,” produced in collaboration with Salma Hayek, is currently streaming on Vix+, and his next film, “Jenni” (The Jenni Rivera biopic), will be released in theaters this year.

For more information about his company, click here or follow him on Instagram and  LinkedIn.

Nathalie Grolimund

Meet Nathalie Grolimund, a Swiss-Korean entrepreneur known for helping business people build successful and future-proofed strategies by equipping them with the right tools and knowledge through her online courses, workshops, and media platforms. Using her unique approach that develops adaptability, challenges the status quo, and remodels rigid mindsets, Nathalie has assisted dozens of service-providing entrepreneurs in reaching their business goals.

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Through her online platform, Rethink Hub, Nathalie offers courses on business foundations and values, branding, marketing, and communication. Her BrandStart Method is the most popular among entrepreneurs starting fresh or growing. She also provides impeccable one-on-one services, which include Storytelling and Branding, Content Marketing, and Conscious Entrepreneurship programs.

Besides being an experienced entrepreneur and marketing expert, Nathalie also advocates for sustainable development. Driven by the United Nations’ SDG:14 and SDG:15 initiatives, Nathalie has graduated as a Sustainable Business Strategist. She is incorporating the concepts of social responsibility and environmental stewardship in her personal brand and coaching, making a positive impact through her business that is modeled around helping others succeed.

Amy Mendenhall Nidds

Amy Mendenhall Nidds is a luxury travel advisor and the owner of White Glove Getaways. She worked in finance for a decade to begin her career before finding her passion, travel.

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Amy joined Valerie Wilson Travel as a luxury travel advisor, one of the world’s most renowned travel agencies. She has spent years developing relationships with hotel representatives, tour operators, and colleagues by attending invite-only trade shows worldwide. This helps to ensure her clients will have great service. Amy has been traveling the world and has firsthand knowledge of many destinations. This is priceless as a travel advisor. You can follow Amy’s instagram of her travels @white.glove.getaways. One of Amy’s specialties is booking African safaris, and has been multiple times herself, doing research for her clients.  A few of Amy’s favorite vacations are the Ceylon Tea Trails in Sri Lanka, Iceland, African safaris, Vermejo Park Ranch, Hawaii, and Morocco’s Sahara Desert. Her top vacations booked for clients this year are African safaris, Greece, Italy, France, and river cruises. She also has a fabulous trip to Normandy for the history buffs.

Amy provides clients with a stress-free travel experience by assisting them with planning and bookings. She has access to various connections and networks through her association with Valerie Wilson Travel/Virtuoso, which allows her to plan luxurious vacations worldwide. Amy is part of the Virtuoso network, which gives her clients extra amenities and a true VIP experience. You can visit Amy’s website by clicking here to learn more about Amy’s business and get in touch.

Alice Ford

Alice Ford is a world-class stuntwoman and adventure travel host, and she is the founder and owner of the brands Alice’s Adventures and TravGanic. A TV host and an adventure filmmaker, Alice has won seven Telly Awards for her series Alice’s Adventures. She also won the NATJA Travel Video Award and was nominated for the Taurus World Stunt Awards 2022.

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Her YouTube channel, “Alice Ford Adventures,” is a blog, newsletter, and travel channel documenting all the adventures she has been on. She is also an active Instagram user and maintains her website, “Alice’s Adventures on Earth,” where she chronicles her travels and solo adventures around the world.

In addition to the media hype, Alice founded TravGanic, a sustainable travel and tour marketplace. The brand is dedicated to promoting sustainable travel practices, providing travelers with meaningful, community-based travel experiences. Alice envisions an adventure travel show on a streaming network encouraging viewers to embrace eco-friendly and community-based travel options over traditional hotel and resort destinations.

Above all, Alice is passionate about wildlife conservation and sustainable adventure travel. She aims to become a leading voice, advocating for responsible tourism practices and promoting sustainable travel options for all.

Daphne Valentino

Meet Daphne Valentino, a visionary solo gay mom reshaping real estate while making a difference. With Valentino Property Group, she introduces “No Obligation All Cash Offers,” benefiting sellers and supporting her nonprofit, Mary’s Legacy of Hope. A significant percentage of every transaction goes to this organization, aiding those experiencing homelessness with the ultimate goal of opening safe homes for women and children subjected to domestic abuse. Experience a stress-free selling process, bypassing commissions, closing costs, appraisals, and repairs. Daphne’s client-centric approach and social responsibility have positioned Valentino Property Group as an industry leader.

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Moreover, Daphne collaborates with other real estate investors, wholesalers, and flippers to further expand her impact. Through these partnerships, she leverages collective expertise and resources to provide sellers with the best possible solutions. Additionally, Daphne shares valuable tips, education, and insights on real estate through her Instagram platform, empowering others in the industry.

Sell your property quickly and fairly while contributing to a noble cause. Check out Valentino Property Group to achieve your real estate goals, and don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from Daphne’s expertise through her Instagram.

Trent Wood

In a world hungry for personal growth, one name shines brightly: Trent Wood, the visionary founder of Maven. Dedicated to empowering men aged 18 to 30, Trent Wood guides individuals to become “Mavens” or the best versions of themselves in all facets of life.

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With personal sales revenue of over $10 million and the recruitment and training of sales teams that have generated over $50 million in revenue, his impact extends to financial freedom for individuals in their 20s.

Through “TheMavenExperience” podcast, Trent Wood fosters extraordinary growth and knowledge, creating a community of ambitious individuals breaking free from mediocrity.

Maven aims to touch lives, foster personal growth, and inspire a new generation of individuals striving for greatness in all aspects of life.

To connect with Trent Wood and learn more about the Maven experience, visit his website.

Wax Rehab

Wax Rehab is an up-and-coming refillable candle company based out of St. George, Utah. Neighbors turned partners Mike & Kenzie and Andy & Jackilyn desire to make a change for good. Their company stands out from others in the industry due to two unique factors.

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Foremost, Wax Rehab offers customizable candles, giving customers the opportunity to choose a vessel that meets their aesthetic needs and then pair it with a scent that speaks to them.

Every vessel is handcrafted, ensuring their products are up to standard. Each candle is then hand-poured using a premium blend of coconut wax, wood wick, and fragrances infused with essential oils. Wax Rehab prides itself in using fragrances that are free of phthalates, parabens, and cruelty.

Additionally, Wax Rehab reduces the waste of the typical candle and takes your purchase further. Once your candle has been used up, you simply remove the insert from the vessel (which can then be recycled) and replace it with the new insert of your choice. No need to toss your vessel or go on the hunt for a new one. Just light it up and enjoy the mood boost!

Ready to light up your life? To place an order, click here. You can also connect with them on

Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on all things good and new.

Corrina Dawn Steward

Igniting the path to entrepreneurial excellence, Corrina Dawn Steward holds the key that propels entrepreneurs to the summit of success and achievement. A profound encounter with mortality thrust Corrina’s consciousness into the depths of her soul, awakening an innate power that reshaped her life. From relying on food stamps, she now commands a seven-figure spiritual empire.

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As a Yale graduate with a master’s degree, Corrina is a maestro of soul wealth activation. She has uncovered the profound connection between our souls and our souls’ wealth.  Mastering this intricate bond, she is a shortcut to unlocking this connection for others to step into their wealth. Establishing Soul Wealth Coaching, where she instructs spiritually attuned entrepreneurs on unleashing their wealth potential, propelling them from six to seven-figure ventures by harnessing the transformative power of their souls.

Beyond her prowess as a millionaire businesswoman and esteemed spiritual mentor, Corrina is also an aspiring author. Her upcoming book, “Unlocking the Matrix: The New Codes of Ancient Egypt,” is set to launch this August. As an unparalleled coach for elite entrepreneurs, she possesses a profound understanding of the spiritual dimensions of prosperity and aspires to impact the world, awakening individuals to the concealed potential that holds the key to their triumph or defeat.

Dr. Ben Bumguardner

Dr. Ben Bumguardner is the founder and owner of Alpha Sports Performance Medicine. He is a traveling sports doctor for USATF and a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner. He is known for his compassionate and honest approach to patient care. He believes in providing explicit feedback, and openly acknowledging his mistakes to guide others against similar pitfalls.

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In late 2016, Dr. Ben established Alpha Sports Performance Medicine with a singular objective: to help athletes reach their fullest potential and excel in their sports. Presently, Dr. Ben leads a team of experts who provide comprehensive sports medicine support, except surgery, treating each patient as a professional or Olympic-level athlete. Through his active engagement on  Facebook and Instagram, he has cultivated a community that offers valuable glimpses into his work.

During his career, Dr. Ben has become highly accomplished and sought-after in sports medicine, collaborating with prestigious organizations such as the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee, Team USA track cycling, boxing, women’s and men’s wrestling, and USOPC in Lake Placid.

Torsten Sedlmeier

Hailing from Germany, Torsten Sedlmeier is a transformative entrepreneur, coach, and author who empowers individuals to transition from financial struggles to becoming million-dollar success stories. Through specialized coaching, he assists people in increasing their income and creating thriving online businesses through social media.

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Embarking on a network marketing journey in the 1990s, Torsten faced numerous ups and downs while overcoming financial hardships, including reliance on food banks. Guided by a mentor, he seized opportunities within the industry and established several multi-million-dollar businesses, testifying his credible insight. His unwavering faith in his abilities and dedication to hard work consistently rank him among the top performers, earning him prestigious awards.

Beyond his professional success, Torsten has interviewed and connected with celebrities like Mel Gibson, Jessica Simpson, Michael Douglas, Dr. Phil, and Vanilla Ice, leaving an indelible impact on all the encounters.

With a goal to influence over a million people to be the better version of themselves, Torsten aims to share his success principles and assume a mentorship role to help individuals create online businesses and achieve financial prosperity. His inspiring journey from struggle to triumph exemplifies resilience, determination, and unwavering belief, reminding us that we can transform our lives and achieve greatness with the proper guidance and mindset.

Lauren Eggleston

Lauren Eggleston is an esteemed Certified Integrative Nutrition Gut and Reproductive Health Coach and the visionary behind Lauren Eggleston CHHC. Armed with her extensive knowledge of addressing the underlying causes of gut and hormone conditions, Lauren guides women in conquering painful symptoms and attaining optimal well-being. Her expertise spans many areas, including PCOS, IBS symptoms, weight issues, menstrual pain, PMS, constipation, fatigue, skin conditions, acne, chronic UTIs, yeast infections, autoimmune, and more.

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Motivated by her struggles and ultimate triumphs, which encompassed chronic migraines, chronic UTIs, and gut problems, Lauren established Lauren Eggleston CHHC with the aim of supporting women in their quest for a pain-free and comfortable life. She envisions building a vibrant community where women can readily access valuable health information and resources. Through her personalized one-on-one coaching sessions, Lauren provides tailored guidance, fostering a sense of connection and support among her clients.

Lauren strives to empower women to take control of their health and live their lives to the fullest. With a focus on holistic healing and a commitment to a supportive community, she is dedicated to helping women achieve lasting well-being and thrive in all aspects of their lives and gives all the glory to God for placing her in this position of helping women.

Shannon Lee Whalen

Meet Shannon Lee Whalen, an extraordinary entrepreneur who is transforming lives through a powerful blend of breathwork and coaching in nature. With a clear vision of raising the collective consciousness one breath at a time, Shannon’s unique skill empowers purpose-driven individuals to pursue their dreams with resilience and authenticity.

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As the founder of Breathwork on the Beach Experience, and of her own coaching practice, Shannon provides invaluable support to clients who are mastering their vision by going within a new paradigm. Through her coursestailored to different needs, she shares the transformative power of breathwork, allowing clients to overcome obstacles, subconscious blocks, and limiting beliefs to shift perspectives with ease and grace. Shannon’s commitment to helping people create from their souls is unwavering, as she believes that true fulfillment lies in aligning with one’s purpose.

Shannon’s ambitions stretch beyond personal growth and extend to the realm of artistic collaboration. One of her dreams is to be the breathwork coach for an artist camp on tour. She envisions supporting performers and crew members and facilitating group sessions that connect and align them before each show. By cultivating a collective flow state, Shannon believes the impact on stage will be extraordinary, creating an atmosphere of unity and creativity.

With her infectious affinity for breathwork, Shannon delivers results and has built a strong online presence with thousands of followers on Instagram and TikTok. Through these platforms, she regularly shares powerful insights and tools that inspire her audience to embrace self-discovery, sustainable renewal, and reminders — to pause — and genuinely breathe throughout the day.

In a world where ambition typically overrides balanced self-care or healthy self-awareness, it’s common to lose one’s sense of well-being. While facing challenges, rejection, uncertainty, and self-doubt, Shannon’s work serves as an immediate process for empowerment, especially during stressful times. By raising the collective consciousness, one breath at a time, she inspires others to step into their power, live openly, and pursue their dreams with confidence.

Emily Wendell

Emily Wendell, owner of the brand Emily Lynn, is an artist who has mastered blending multiple disciplines into a single expression. Emily’s pieces are a mix of photography, watercolor, and digital design, and weave together her background in art, design, and health to create both medically inspired and original artwork.

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Creative expression of one’s experience breathes vitality into an artist’s work. Balancing her background in both medicine and art with the plight of living with a significant autoimmune disease developed this skill in Emily, making every art piece of hers feel alive. In addition to photography and general works, Emily creates medically inspired pieces that are both educational and draw a connection with patients as she translates scientific knowledge and personal experience into creative expressions.

Emily’s unique perception of the world has also led her to expand the Emily Lynn brand through two initiatives. Her “Create Your State” initiative aims to create a somatics-based toolkit for patients living with physical diseases to find more comfort in their bodies. Meanwhile, “Design For Health” aims to foster conversation to improve both the patient experience and the healthcare system by exploring the intersection of design and health.

Emily’s profound vision seeks to unite patients, healthcare professionals, and design and creative experts, channeling their collective energy toward a brighter, more compassionate future.

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