Top 10 Thought Leaders That You Should Follow In 2023

Thought leaders are the individuals who inspire, influence, and shape the future. In 2023, these are the top 10 thought leaders that you should be following for inspiration, guidance, and innovative ideas.

From Elaine Lou Cartas, the founder of Conscious Communication, to Kat Norton, the dynamic Microsoft Excel coach, each of these thought leaders has a unique approach and unique message. Whether you’re looking to break free from the chains holding you back in business, lead mental health care in developing countries, make a name for yourself in fashion, bring communities into politics, master Microsoft Excel, or achieve dramatic success in the acting industry, these thought leaders have the experience and expertise to help you get there.

In this article, we will delve into their stories and understand their philosophies, so you can learn from the best and take your life to the next level.

1. Elaine Lou Cartas

Elaine Lou Cartas is the founder of Conscious Communication where she’s helped over 500 women from 24 different countries break the chains holding them in business, and become better leaders. Today, her high-level leadership skills have led to significant financial success for her clients, including multi-six and seven-figure incomes, $25k raises, and six-figure corporate salaries.

When Elaine started her career at 22, she found herself in a role managing people much older than her. Naturally, she made mistakes, and like many women who just took on leadership responsibilities, it wasn’t her fault. See, growing up, we’re all exposed to flawed ways of communication, and unfortunately, being young, we pick up on them. However, it was her responsibility to fix it, and she had to learn the lessons the hard way.

To Elaine, becoming a great leader takes 3 skills: first, you need to be aware of your state of mind, and ego, so they don’t stand in your way. Second, you ought to communicate effectively by asking better questions and remembering that whoever you’re talking to is human. Finally, a great leader has boundaries so they can earn respect and live a balanced life.

2. Matthew Dickson

Matthew Dickson’s job is to lead mental health care in developing countries online. He brings groups in the space together into one place, acting as a one-stop shop for those as passionate as Matthew about the cause. Non-profit organizations listed on his website, Mind Aid, benefit from a united platform with links to receive donations, information, and support.

The issue is one Matthew believes is severely overlooked. Mental health care in developed countries is limited, but the situation is desperate in developing nations. Beyond financial aid, Matthew hopes to raise awareness for the ten groups already listed on his site.

Mind Aid’s current form is just a foundation for its future potential. While he values exposure, including on CBC TV in Canada, Matthew wants to centralize all funding for these important projects and run meet-ups to stimulate progress and direct action.

3. Ripley Rader

Ripley is a passionate and goal-oriented entrepreneur who started her journey in fashion at a young age. Born in West Virginia, she learned how to sew from her grandmother and started creating her own clothes.

Ripley made a name for herself when she wore her own jumpsuit at a concert and got discovered, leading to the creation of her fashion brand, Ripley Rader. With her husband, Ripley expanded her brand, working with factories in LA owned by 3 sisters and doing operations and distribution from her home.

Throughout her journey, she has received support from female influencers and celebrities, and is dedicated to making all women feel confident and fabulous through her clothing.

Ripley is also a role model for aspiring female entrepreneurs and is all about being real and sharing her story through her podcast, “Younger but Wiser.” Her message is simple: “You are perfect so we want you to dress like that.”

Her brand has been featured in Forbes, Vogue, and InStyle, and has garnered a dedicated following of influencers and celebrities, including Amy Schumer, Gigi Hadid, and Kate Upton.

4. Rasheida T. Smith

Rasheida Smith is a true leader in every way. She influences, motivates, and empowers people through her work as the CEO of Dunton Consulting.

City & State named her one of the Top 75 Political Consultants in New York, but her company’s impact stretches far beyond the Empire State—it has helped people run campaigns in 16 states. Anyone familiar with the USA will know understanding the cultural differences between just two is difficult. But, in Rasheida, Dunton Consulting has a strong leader celebrated across the country for her two decades of experience.

Through helping her clients, Rasheida creates change in the broader population. Her services not only persuade people to join up but also bring communities into politics that previously weren’t inspired to be. That can be directly through career opportunities in her company or the knock-on impact of her compelling campaigns.

5. Kat Norton

Kat Norton is a dynamic and energetic coach who specializes in teaching Microsoft Excel to individuals, businesses, and educational institutions. She has gained a massive following of over 1,000,000 people on TikTok and Instagram (@miss.excel) through her viral Excel trick videos, which are infused with creativity, music, and dance. Since launching Miss Excel in June 2020, Kat has become a recognized leader in the “Excel Influencer” space.

Her expertise and passion for Excel have earned her numerous accolades, including the Microsoft MVP Award, as well as being featured in Business Insider, CNBC, and Entrepreneur Magazine. In 2021, Forbes named her one of the Top Influencers of the year.

With her unique approach to teaching Excel, Kat helps her clients to not only master the program but also to enjoy the process of learning and see the potential of Excel in their day to day work. 

6. Gregory Braun

The story of the actor trying fruitlessly to make it in the industry is as old as time. Not among Gregory Braun’s clientele. The New Collective Acting Studio is about achieving dramatic success and appreciating art as a way of life to get there.

Located in Los Angeles for almost 15 years, Gregory’s studio has undoubtedly seen plenty of budding actors come and go. He understands that acting is a marathon, not a sprint, and connecting emotionally to the subject contributes to greatness.

As for the groundwork, Gregory focuses on inspiring, challenging, and nurturing his artists. If you’re committed, his role is to unleash your unique talent in the theatrical world. Art is to be loved, and acting is to be mastered. Realizing that brings Gregory’s clients one step closer to a better quality of life.

7. Cameron Biafore

Cameron is a coach for women who feel stuck in their careers, relationships, and businesses. She also works as a business consultant for some of the biggest companies, like Airbus, helping them grow and innovate.

She was always rebellious and creative. Growing up, she went to college but could never finish, due to a lack of funds. Today, she’s a successful entrepreneur living in Dubai and traveling all around the world to Indonesia, Mexico, Ireland, and all over the United States.

Cameron’s mission is to assist people in building their dream life by breaking free of the limitations they face every day. The way she sees it, most people are close to their goals than they realize. They just need a little push forward, so they can see what’s possible for them. The truth is, they underestimate what they can achieve. That’s where she comes in and unlocks a world full of possibilities for her clients, whom she helps in group sessions and one on one mentorship.

8. Vanessa Alfaro

Vanessa Alfaro, owner of Vanessa Alfaro – The Empowered Communicator, is a top coach in the industry who has turned her trauma into her superpower.

She has developed a revolutionary process called The Anger Algorithm, which helps married women deal with anger and communication issues in their marriage. Vanessa is unique in her approach as an anger and communication coach, and her biggest achievement so far is developing her 10-week program, “From Anger to Empowered Communication,” which incorporates meditation, breathwork, embodied practices, creative expression, ancestral work, visualizations, psychology, healing, and grounding practices.

Vanessa helps her clients achieve their next steps by guiding them through her program, supporting and empowering them to relieve bottled-up anger and think creatively about what they truly want in their marriage. She helps them step more into their healing for the sake of their greatness and to realize just how powerful and incredible they are as women.

9. James Vincent

James is the performance director at Action Coach, a leader in business and personal growth coaching. Over the last 10 years, the company has constantly amassed 5-star satisfaction ratings and won the Compare The Financial Market’s Award for The UK’s Best Business Opportunity.

Personally, James coaches Olympic athletes, serial entrepreneurs, high-performance business coaches, executives, and business owners. He’s known for his vast experience, amounting to over 2 decades of high performance coaching in elite sports and business. With him, nothing falls through the cracks. His methods are direct, fun, and challenging.

More importantly, James is a family man with strong values and ethics. He operates with clarity, focus and honesty. He is a relentless action-taker who will take you where you need to go and tell you what you need to hear, without sugar-coating the truth.

10. Chris Williams

Chris Williams is a man who believes in side businesses and personal development. With over 12 years of experience studying human behavior and leadership, he has made it his mission to help others break free from the monotony of the 9-5 grind and turn their side hustle into a profitable venture. With a strong passion for personal development, he uses his expertise to connect with like-minded individuals through workshops, speaking engagements, podcasts, and YouTube platforms.

For Chris, family is of utmost importance, and every moment away from them must be valuable. He is a firm believer that life is a journey, and is always eager to connect with individuals who share this outlook. With his Grow Your Side Business, Chris encourages everyone to take the leap and turn their side hustle into a full-fledged business.

In conclusion, the world is full of thought leaders who have the ability to inspire, motivate, and challenge us to think differently. Whether you are looking to improve your leadership skills, learn a new skill, or just find inspiration, these top 10 thought leaders of 2023 are the perfect place to start. Each of these leaders has a unique story and approach to their work, but they all share a common goal: to make a positive impact on the world and help others to achieve their full potential.

By following them, you will gain insights, learn new strategies, and be challenged to think creatively and expansively. So take the time to explore their work and discover the thought leader who resonates with you the most.

With their guidance and inspiration, you can take your personal and professional life to new heights in 2023 and beyond.

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