The sagelike post hip-hopper, Gonjasufi is caught at the nexus of two realities, and tonight at his record release party at the Echoplex, worlds will collide.

While Gonjasufi's debut album, A Sufi and a Killer, lurches and sways with the avant-hip hop production tricks of beat gurus, The Gaslamp Killer, Flying Lotus, and Mainframe, his voice wavers and sounds ancient or from a world we've forgotten. The Mojave desert based singer's voice crackles and fades away like transmissions from a broken speaker of a salvaged radio.

The unmistakable barely-on-the-beat, lagging kick-and-snare antics of Flying Lotus' production materializes on “Ancestors,” and Gaslamp Killer's manic beat manipulations are ever-present on A Sufi and a Killer. Tonight, Main Frame and The Gaslamp Killer will throw down some live performances at the Echoplex, while Gonjasufi spins records and opens up another sonic world.

After the jump, a cross-section of Gonjasufi media from Warp Records.

Gaslamp Killer and Gonjasufi:

-Stardustin'- from Lico on Vimeo.

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