I put together this little assemblage of girls from Tokyo Fashion Week, which preceded our Fashion Week by one month. Must Tokyo so thoroughly kick our ass in the fashion creativity department? I mean, they've got drama and weirdness down, obviously. Like, what's with the pink crablike neck corsage on the girl to the far left? And is that a blue dinosaur skeleton toy on that girl's head? And don't even get me started on the mannequin with the yellow ears.

But all things considered, it would have been fantastic to see this sort of stuff here, in this city where imagination is king, and weirdness and drama are what happen when you wake up in the morning.

You would think that Japan has explored every possible variant of the Little Schoolgirl Thing, but check out the chick on the far right. So cute! And the pale Grecian/Beethoven ensemble on the lower right…adorable. Can we please put on our blue dinosaur skeleton head caps and get some surreality out here next time? Thanks.

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