Can we all agree, after two generations of use, that Ali MacGraw's famous Love Story line claiming “love means never having to say you're sorry” is flat-out wrong?

Love does not mean never having to say you're sorry. In fact, an apology of some sort is definitely indicated when the tear-jerker of a love story we're talking about is Dodger baseball – – and the Southland's inability to cherish what is nearly as precious to many of us as a family member.

]Listen, Time Warner Cable (SportNetLA), DirecTV, U-Verse, Dish and other carriers equally unworthy of mention: Most of us get that a degree of spin is normal, and perhaps even tolerable in today's world. But we know flackery when we see it. We know that you're all full of shit. And we don't care to be condescended to.

So earth to all parties – Time Warner Cable primarily, the Dodgers organization secondarily, and the rest of the dregs involved in the process: You are all the bad guy. Doesn't matter which of you is most bad guy (although, it's Time Warner, if you're scoring), second most obnoxious, or who gets the bronze for lameness. You're all guilty.

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And among the many things you owe us, we the pay-at-the-turnstile and via-our-TV-bill customer, is a simple two-word phrase, to be employed until we're all Dodger Blue in the face from hearing you say it. “We're sorry.” The three-word “we are sorry” is acceptable too.

Ali MacGraw in Love Story; Credit: YouTube

Ali MacGraw in Love Story; Credit: YouTube

We may withhold forgiveness until you've earned it by giving us our nightly telecasts and groveled sufficiently, and we might just resent you forever, but you owe us that apology. All of you, Dodgers included. Tell us you're sorry. Include the apology in every public statement on the matter. Spare us the spin going forward and just say, “We're sorry.” It's good PR anyway, and you shouldn't need to be reminded.

Memo to TWC and DirecTV only: Stop with the unattractive, childish sniping about the other side. It's all crap and no one's buying it. If you're going to aspire to respect the customer (no sure thing) start by showing the competition a little magnanimity.

Talk about unattractive: Time Warner Cable's “Don't Miss This” promotion is especially offensive. Don't miss this, TWC? Really? Don't miss this? How blind to the circumstances can you possibly be? Seventy percent of Southern California is doing nothing but missing every last bit of Dodger baseball.

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And for the love of God, TWC, if you must bombard us with the inane anywhere-and-everywhere I Need My Dodgers marketing campaign, at least have the good sense to discontinue what is the kick-me-sign you call a Twitter feed.

And remember, glove conquers all.

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