Inspiration doesn't come cheap. If you're sitting on a twin-mattress sized pile of money– perhaps 200,000 one dollar bills, a certain piece of Michael Jackson history can be yours: The Thriller Board. That's right, it's the Harrison 4032 console that Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson used to crank out that little known album called Thriller.

[Full pitch, Thriller Board information and some choice MJ media (or should we say Midia) after the jump.]

Here's the pitch:

“Michael Jackson recorded the all time best selling album, “THRILLER”, on a Harrison 4032 console at Westlake Studios – over 104 million records sold worldwide. You can now buy this legendary piece of Rock & Roll History used by the “KING OF POP” to record Thriller and tracks from “OFF THE WALL”. This Board is a major investment that will only increase in value over the years. The “King of Pop” will go down in history with the greats, such as Elvis Presely, Frank Sinatra and others. This console is worthy of a museum, a showcase at corporate headquarters, or other types of exhibitions. It could be used to attract business to your recording studio. It is fully operational.”

Like a fully operational Death Star, this piece of technology is just a tool for creation/destruction; the duo of the Q and MJ (and Vader/ Turkey-Neck Emperor) were the brains behind the operation. But if you're looking for something to clutter up your mancave or perhaps donate to Andrew W.K. for extreme explosion-ing, this is your artifact. The board would be a perfect addition to the Thriller house in your MJ Collection.

Zombies not included.

That Michael Jackson GQ probably just fell onto the board before this picture was taken.

That Michael Jackson GQ probably just fell onto the board before this picture was taken.

Place your E-bay bid here or contact these guys:

For technical information or to inspect the Board, contact Clayton: 714-869-4407; Steve at 949-813-0636;

Just for you, the Michael Jackson Midi Collection.

Beat It


Billie Jean

Don't Stop Till You Get Enough

Visit the Thriller house:

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Check out that zany, SUPERFUN Thai Thriller prison:

Read some gems from the human-rights violator/choreographer, Byron Garcia:

Byron was catapulted to international fame when he made 1,500 inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) dance to Michael Jackson's “Thriller.”

According to Byron, whether inside or outside the jail, people in this world seal their own tomb and are closing in their own doom by foul and decadent cultures in a society. Nobody can get away from this doom in life for as long as they don't stay away from “the evil of the thriller” or from the evils of sin. The “living hell” in jails is about corruption, violence, gang culture, culture of the insane, culture of deceit and betrayal. “If someone wants to see hell on Earth, if someone wants to come face to face with the grizzly ghouls from immortal tombs, one only has to visit the jails,” Byron would say.

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