Sex, ducks, and rock ‘n’ roll!” Mathematicians have a sense of humor, too — as that’s the title of the study they recently published in a journal aptly called Chaos. The content? A mathematical formula about achieving male orgasm.

What’s the secret to male orgasm?

The University of Sussex mathematicians somewhat cracked the code for male orgasm. “We have developed the first successful mathematical model of sexual performance,” said Dr. Konstantin Blyuss. The equation was categorized per arousal cycle — excitation, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. They found out that too much psychological stimulation early on can inhibit men from achieving male orgasm.

Dr. Blyuss explained, “A key finding is that too much psychological arousal early in the process can inhibit the chance of reaching climax,” the takeaway, according to him and his peers, “Simply put, our findings can be summarized as ‘Don’t overthink it.’”

They also note that the other purpose of the study was to show people that math can be fun — but also to help men “This could help develop simple tips for men, like trying not to overthink sex or become too worried about their performance, because that takes away from being turned on mentally, which we now know is really important,” Dr. Blyuss told the Daily Mail.

Why is it relevant to know how to achieve a male orgasm?

Male orgasm matters just as much as female orgasm. However, male orgasm isn’t discussed as much compared to women. One of the reasons for this is that female orgasm is much more complex, so some may have focused on that instead. Dr. Yuliya Krychko said, “Our findings shed light on a socially taboo subject, which we believe could have useful applications for the clinical treatment of sexual dysfunction,”

Moreover, according to scientists, women are already at a better starting point when they’re aroused. Unlike men, their response to arousal vastly differs — as, again, they need to be psychologically stimulated at the right time. And psychological overstimulation can make it harder to achieve male orgasm. Dr. Yuliya Krychko also added, “With what we have learned from this study, we intend to mathematically model the female sexual response, which is physiologically – and mathematically – more complex than the male response.”

What’s the “big” deal?

Men are also vulnerable to insecurities. Some may overthink their “skills” when performing sex acts, or if the duration of the sex was satisfactory enough. Others lack confidence, as the size of a man’s penis seems to have always been discussed to be important — and that the quality of sex sometimes boils down to the size of their package. (It is worth noting that Stanford University scientists gathered data in 2021 — and that the global average length of an erect penis ranges from 4.8 inches to 6 inches.)

These may be minor to some, but when insecurity gets the better of some men, and they overthink the mundane things, it can make it difficult for them to achieve male orgasm. Furthermore, as it turns out, the University of Sussex provided mathematical “evidence” to support it.

“Come” again?

The secret recipe is out! Mathematicians created a formula to make male orgasm attainable — or easier attained, at least. They found out that overthinking — especially during the early phase of arousal — is a major boner kill!

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