“High-end flea-market” takes the cake as the most oxymoronic phrase this side of military intelligence, yet that's the gimmick behind the city's newest ongoing outdoor swap meet at Dodger Stadium, named L.A. Flea Market. What's so high end, say you? Not any old YSL knock-off maker or snow cone hawker can worm their way in. The 500 vendors are handpicked for their unique wares. Plus, you can pay extra for a V.I.P. pass that includes valet parking, early bird entrance, a concierge service to lug your bargain buys to your car, and, best of all, access to executive port-a-potties — no dodgy Dodger toilets or Andy Gumps for you! To kick off the opening, Solid Golden oldie himself, Rick Dees, will host a special Hollywood Yard Sale, where you can guiltlessly indulge your guilty pleasures by bidding on items from luminaries such as Tim Allen, Jason Mraz, Jay Leno, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan, since all proceeds go to charity. And you'll be food truck heaven with meals on wheels from India Jones, Reggae Chicken, Canter's, Border Grill, Komodo, Crepe'n Around and Dosa Truck. Beats a Rose Bowl weenie any day.

Sun., July 18, 7 a.m.; Sun., Aug. 29; Sun., Sept. 26, 2010

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