I accompanied Miss Steffie to the annual Billion Dollar Babes sale yesterday, and just so ya know, it was only pure guilt that kept me from doing the same kind of pocketbook damage (I'm trying to buy a house right now in my native Silver Lake, which is like the new Beverly Hills market-wise, but don't even get me started).Still I did pick up a top from Mon Petit Oiseau (sort of a sexy Hollie Hobbie deal with little pink flowers all over it) and a foxy 70's-style halter frock from Petra Anvarian in a burnt sienna color (I just need to figure out how to avoid the dreaded nip exposure that comes with wearing it. Can't do a bra, so I guess I'll just wear it in warm places).Anyway, BDB is awesome and if you're a label whore you can definitely get some great deals on the likes of Catherine Malandrino, Michelle Mason and even Vivian Westwood. A lot of their items were half off. The problem is, some of the stuff started at like, 600 smackers, and once you get up in the serious double digits, it all feels the same. It's kinda like what I'm dealing with house hunting. Shop for a while and suddenly $600,000 doesn't seem that much different from $500, 000… Yeah, except for uh, 100,000 hard-earned George Washingtons.I left the sale $105 poorer and without the Petro Zillia jacket and Oliver Peoples shades I coveted. But I'll survive.

Oh by the way, this seems like a good place to tell ya about my favorite shopping footwear, which, I (shamelessy) wore to the sample sale yesterday. This may cause some shock, horror and possibly a little controversy, but, I'm just gonna say it:  I (still) like Ugg boots. I know the name of the damn things says it all, right? Okay, they aren't the prettiest and yes, I do live in LA so they are probably a bit unneccessary. But I DON'T CARE! These things are fuckin' COMFORTABLE! They're like your favorite house slippers but you get to wear 'em out in public. For those who don't know, the real ones have sheepskin that surrounds your feet so you don't even have to wear socks! As you can see by the photo my Uggs are worn out and old (they've been with me through a flood in Mexico, snow slogging in Northen Cali, and numerous mall jaunts). I bought them back just before they were “in.” But I love them even more now that they aren't. Now before you call the fashion police on me, please understand that if you're going partake in the wearing of the Uggs in '05-'06, certain rules do apply.1. No imitations. Get the real thing or forgetaboutit.2. Strictly casual day wear only. NEVER, EVER wear 'em to a party, club, bar or restaurant (unless it's like In-n-Out or a low-key food joint).3. NEVER with a mini-skirt, shorts or gauchos.  Long, casual dresses are ok, especially if they have a comfy, boho vibe.4. NEVER fold down the top part to form a sheepskin donut around your calf. This is not only unneccesary but it's totally unflattering. A lot of the fakes have this icky detail built in, so you have no choice.5. Black or brown only. No baby blue, pink, fuchsia or whatever. These things were designed to be utilitarian, and that's why they were around for many years before a couple of over-photographed celebs made 'em trendy. An Australian surfer designed them for fellow wave-riders back in 1978 for godsakes.6. Wear them only in the winter.

So yeah, now that it's cold out, I'm sporting my comfy friends once again. Maybe I will retire 'em eventually (like I did with cowboy boots in the '80's, motorcycle boots in the '90's and Doc Marten combat boots before both of those) but it won't be because a magazine or some flamboyant fella on TV tells me to. I wear -and buy- what I like and can (sometimes) afford, and to those who judge, all I have to say is, who are the real ugg-ly ones here?

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