It’s time to BBQ with people you haven’t seen in a year, and we’ve got the essentials for those who want to bring something a bit more uplifting to the party than hot dogs.

First and most importantly, by reading further into this list you certify that you will support the effort to provide veterans expanded access to medical marijuana, and if you really get down, psychedelic therapy. Many veterans need help because they were there for the people we are remembering this weekend in their final moments. Don’t forget the ethos of the weekend during your adventures.

Everything on this list is currently available on shelves around town. We didn’t go as exotic this weekend to make sure you could get your hands on it to enjoy reconnecting with folks after a long 15 months.


Calma West Hollywood – Miyagi-Do

Calma West Hollywood has you covered with all things Ball Family Farms. One of L.A.’s first social equity licensees, Ball Family Farms has made waves in recent years. The farm is sticking to its Karate Kid-inspired naming practices with this Indica. You should also check out Ball Family Farms’ recent Reign collaboration with Viola. We covered it when it first dropped.

Greenwolf – Plum Mochi

Courtesy of Greenwolf

The Carousel of Heat that is the Greenwolf menu continues to spin. This time we’ve spotted a fantastic rendition of Gelato from Teds Budz Distribution Co. Teds first dropped the Plum Mochi for 4/20 this year. While some argue the flood of dessert weed these days is a bit much, we are all about the good ones. Anything the team at Greenwolf claims is standout on their menu is worth checking out. They have no reason to bullshit after all these years.


Lemonnade WeHo – Platinum Lemon Cherry Gelato

Courtesy of Lemonnade WeHo

Despite the lineup of great Lemonnade genetics we covered last fall, for this list we’re going with one of the offerings they bring in from vendors. Cannatique has a really exciting lineup in general, and their newest offering is apparently the best rendition yet of their Lemon Cherry Gelato. This Platinum Lemon Cherry Gelato is the next phase of one of our favorite flavors from the pandemic.


Catalyst Bellflower – FATF Alien OG

Courtesy of Farmer and The Felon

At Catalyst, you can get your hands on some Alien OG from the full-sun Emerald Cup winners over at The Farmer and The Felon. We first profiled the company a year ago this week! We said they knew what they were doing, and the Emerald Cup judges agreed with us. That being said, they didn’t grow a lot of the Gorilla Snacks that won the cup last year, but there will be a lot this fall. While you wait, you can grab some flowers from them and support a great cause at the same time in the Last Prisoner Project.


HyperWolf – Wapples

Courtesy of Your Highness

The team at Your Highness is back with a bunch of new flavors for 2021, and HyperWolf is ready to bring it to your door after 11 a.m. because cool people sleep late. While there are a couple of exciting things in the pack, we’ve really got our eyes on the Wapples. The new flavor is a pairing of Apple Fritter and Animal Mints, two of our favorite flavors of the moment in general. We’ve been keeping track of the pair since we first saw Lumpy’s Fritter years ago in Sacramento, and then Fig Farms showed us Animal Mints for the first time a few Emerald Cups ago in Santa Rosa. Well, Your Highness are killers! So we know you’ll be hyped when you get your hands on some Wapples this weekend.


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