Veteran psychobilly troupe The Quakes play L.A. and Long Beach this week, so we chatted with frontman Paul Roman about what we can expect…

L.A. WEEKLY: It’s been a while since the last album. Do you have anything coming soon?
PAUL ROMAN: I have lots of new songs but I feel that the time is not right to release a new album. It would be like screaming into the wind. When things pick up, I will start recording. In the meantime we will just release digital singles like last years “Winter Drag.”

What do you think of the current state of the US psychobilly scene, if there is one at all?
I’m optimistic things will pick up. These things go in waves. I thought it was all over at the end of the ’90s and 2000-2010 turned out to be the best years for psychobilly.

How so you think your band has grown/evolved on recent years?
It’s only natural that bands change over time. Since I write all the music, I think things have been consistent.

What can we expect from these L.A./Long Beach shows?
We are always looking for new songs to put in the set list. We will be playing some older songs that have never been played live before for the LA shows. We don’t waste the audiences time with silly routines like standing on the bass and switching instruments. We try to fit as many of our songs into a set as possible because that is why people are coming to our show. They are not coming to see a circus.

What next for the band this year?
We will release another digital single this year and a new video. We will also be playing some shows in Russia this year.

The Quakes play with Three Blue Teardrops and the Quaranteds at 8:30 p.m. on Friday, July 5 at the Echoplex; then with Three Blue Teardrops, BAT! and the Thirsty Crows at 8 p.m. on Saturday, July 6 at Alex’s Bar.


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