As we prepare ourselves to kick off the new year, we have the sativas to keep you awake for the final moments of 2020.

Now you’re probably asking yourself, why Jimi? Why do I want to smoke these things that will make me more awake for this miserable set of 12 months we call 2020? Well, don’t think of it as you’re trying to maximize your 2020 time. It’s more like you’re trying to be awake for those final moments to appreciate that it’s over.

Sure, you could face a pitcher of socially distanced margaritas at 9 p.m. and call 2020 a wrap, but that’s not healthy. You’re better off trying to get your hands on some panic attack weed that will really get your heart racing. This will get you in the proper headspace to reflect on what you’ve learned in 2020. Things like where you were when you found out pot was essential, what you smoked and just how much you miss enjoying marijuana with friends.

Some people get frustrated with the term sativa. Unfortunately for those souls, “New Year’s Eve Equatorial Narrow Leaf Drug Strains Hype List” simply doesn’t have the same ring to it, and in addition to that, the SEO would be terrible. How would people looking up New Year’s weed even find the list!?

So here is a full spread of New Year’s Eve options on the uplifting side to get you to midnight. And don’t worry if your second stimulus check hasn’t dropped yet, there is something here for everyone.


IC Collective Half Ounces 

Who doesn’t love smoking a copious amount of marijuana while they watch the ball drop? Beats me. And thankfully IC Collective is particularly known for being the West Coast masters of the fabled ChemDawg lineage that they scored directly from the strain’s namesake decades ago. With 14 grams of Chem 91 you’ll certainly be wired when the clock strikes midnight, but no promises whatever ice cream reserves are in your freezer will last long into 2021! IC Collective also has a lot of super fire top shelf sativa eighth options, but the deals aren’t as great as the half ounces. Trust me, you’ll end up smoking it all, so buy in bulk. Photo: IC Collective/Chewberto420




Despite the wild progress cannabis continues to see across the nation, you can’t be visibly ripped at every New Year’s Eve occasion quite yet, and there are even less that will let you smoke a blunt on the balcony. Thankfully for those heads that need a little stealth to go with their THC, Kinslips has been dialing in their lineup for years. While there were other breath strip weed options that came and went, Kinslip eventually came to be one of a couple dominating the marketplace. You can get your hands on one of their more uplifting and creative options, but don’t get too chatty and kill the vibe. Photo


Cosmic Crazy Train Live Resin

Slightly below some of the hyper exotic top shelf dabs we regularly feature, the team at Cosmic is providing something a bit more accessible to the common man. Their Crazy Train live resin has a very fulfilling and upbeat high in a world of hash where many can be a bit on the couch-locky side. You won’t have to worry about that here. The flavor profile has notes of Jack Herer to go with an upbeat experience that doesn’t necessarily have its foot all the way on the gas. So it’s a good chipper upper without really throwing someone down a globby sativa rabbit hole with something like a Red Congolese.  Photo: Cosmic


Green Dragon – 80’s Baby 

Our deep network of weedwatchers and tipsters here at L.A. Weekly regularly take note of the offerings of Green Dragon in North Hollywood. In addition to that, many times when we run a list they’re one of the dispensaries that people get the most bitter about the absence. We get it. While they haven’t been as active on social media in recent months, the current menu is dotted with options you won’t find anywhere else in town or even the state on some occasions. We’re leaning towards the 80’s Baby for the sake of the list and as a result of input. Nevertheless, you’ll likely be stoked on whatever you pick up.


Bonus Indica Leaning Hybrid – Kenny Powers Fly

Cookie Fam genetics maestro Kenny Powers is releasing his latest and greatest creation to end 2020 with a bang. Will it be able to get the wind in its sails like Cereal Hype has? Will it force the Clout Gods to bend a knee to look down and see what the ruckus is all about like Gary Payton did? Quite possibly. When Kenny Powers drops a new cut, the weed galaxy stops for a second to see what’s up, even the haters. We have no doubt the next couple of weeks will see The Fly receive the same treatment its predecessors did. Keep an eye out for it at Cookies retail locations.  Photo: Cookies

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