The Melvins still bring the thunder in their latest incarnation, joined now by Butthole Surfers’ Paul Leary and Jeff Pinkus on their new album, Hold It In. The group’s trademark sludgy, metallic opuses are twisted into further weirdness by the inclusion of the Buttholes, with a new tune such as “Bride of Crankenstein” living up to its title via plenty of horrific volume and menacing guitars. The strangeness multiplies on the cryptically titled tracks “Barcelonian Horseshoe Pit” and “Onions Make the Milk Taste Bad,” as Melvins separate themselves from their hard-rock peers by fully embracing the savagery and hostility of punk, mixed with a little prog braininess. Speaking of savagery, Le Butcherettes live up to their name with a messy, and sometimes literally bloody, mélange of punk fury, percussive brutality and rabble-rousing, performance-art defiance.

Thu., Oct. 23, 8 p.m., 2014
(Expired: 10/23/14)

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