A fierce debate is still brewing among my pals who went to Little Radio's New Years Eve shindig. Reports had trickled in about rude staff, a missing page on a VIP list that caused two of my friends to have to pay again, dissapointment over the promise of free drinks meaning beer and booze, not champagne, crushing mosh pits, drinks spilling all over everyone, a girl's hair getting ripped out, a broken dove, and just the general feeling of being abused. One close pal summed up the evening thusly: “we went to lame ass Little Radio indi puke fest to get mawled, ripped off and bored to death.”

And the other camp, claims, to have respect for the Little Radio guys since they're “bringing electric cars to LA, , bringing good bands in to play, throwing summer parties, and opening their doors to (offices for) other like-minded businesses for very fair rent….Don't know about the mauling, but if you mean the crush of the balloon “drop” and subsequent thrashing, I should cop some blame….I dragged our asses up there.  At 12 they played “Kick Out the Jams” and then Gang of Four's “I Found that Essence Rare”!…what can I say?!  I was stoked! “

I wasn't there, I was having my heart broken in Bakersfield and no,  that's not a Buck Owens song. Anybody care to share their Little Radio experiece here? Please post away…

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