I won't reiterate the Soma-sodden surreality of the Kimmel Green Room. No need to harp on how I'm a sheer sucker for any place providing free drinks, Galaga/Ms. Pacman, sliders and carrot cake cupcakes. But last Friday, I had the good fortune of watching The Knux make their first-ever national television appearance on the program (see footage above.)

It was my third time seeing the group this year and they've improved with each performance. Granted, the sound quality was mildly muddy, but the LA-via-New Orleans duo are incredibly dynamic on-stage (in particular, see Krispy's scatting coda,) they're well-rehearsed and are flat-out great musicians. Indeed, you might not be able to tell from watching the clip, but Rah Al Millio is a beast on guitar, delivering some searing riffs during soundcheck and thus eliminating any lingering doubts I may have had about the duo's musical chops.

As did Remind Me in Three Days, their Interscope debut that drops next Tuesday. The thing hasn't left my stereo since I got the promo copy a week ago. Think Bloc Party's Silent Alarm meets Stankonia, were “We Luv Deez Hoez” the jump-off, rather than “Gasoline Dreams.” Other than the possibly the new Kanye (need more listens on that one), it's my favorite album of the year. I'll spare the full-blown hyperbole for the actual review, other than pointing out that if anyone reading this blog actually bought CD's, I'll be recommending that they cop this one on the 28th.

Or pre-order Remind Me In Three Days from Amazon


MP3: The Knux-“Fire”

MP3: The Knux-“Bang Bang”

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