Tipping has been one of the most controversial topics up for debate. Establishments like Starbucks have their own say with regards to this matter, and people are having mixed reactions toward it. As far as the tipping debate goes, customers are frustrated with the fact that they’re “guilted” into tipping, especially now that inflation is off the charts. Employees beg to differ, and it’s pretty self explanatory as to why. Now that Starbucks has launched a new tipping strategy, customers are furious. Will they be backed into a corner and be forced to tip employees regardless of whether the service they provide is up to par or not? 

Starbucks stirred a tipping debate thanks to one of its employees 

This whole tipping fiasco went viral when one of Starbucks’ employees, who goes by the handle @greenfanclub, posted a now deleted TikTok video that concerned the new tipping strategy of the coffee shop. The barista showed how uncomfortable the new system was for people like her by hiding the card machine, which proudly displays the new tipping system.

Customers took to the comment section and blew it up the moment the video spread like wildfire. With a staggering 6.7 million views, a lot of these comments consisted of frustration from angry customers. 

How does Starbucks’ new tipping system work?

When customers opt to pay for their coffee via credit cards either through the register or drive-thru, they’ll now be prompted with a message to tip the barista that served them. Starbucks claims that by doing this, “recognition of their baristas’ efforts will be possible regardless of the payment methods customers choose.”

Of course, customers won’t be held at the register or drive-thru if they choose not to tip because it’s not a requirement for customers. So they can still walk out or drive away with their coffee without giving any tips. Nevertheless, it’s still a pretty awkward way to encourage customers to tip. 

Businesses are now prompting customers to tip them 

Can you believe that aside from venues like Starbucks and even fast food restaurants, non-hospitality-related businesses are now prompting customers to tip its employees as well. This absurd and bold move has begged customers to question why they’re given this kind of responsibility in the first place. 

It’s not like anyone asked to be the ones to provide extra income to make up for the fact that are employees being underpaid. In a way, the very existence of tipping is an elaborate, socially accepted scam. 

Imagine tipping an online website. What reason is there for customers to tip a service that was done online? This also applies to other businesses like gyms and and self-checkout machines. 

It doesn’t make sense. Plain and simple. 

This means that employers aren’t paying their employees enough. Instead, they turn to customers and make them obligated to tip their employee to give them a living wage.

Sadly, when people decide not to tip, they’re often perceived as someone who fails to recognize the blatant efforts of overworked and underpaid employees. 

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