The Frank & Dino Show: Gradually, gradually, things are feeling more and more normal. Or at least familiar. Over the past year, it has almost felt crass and trivial to discuss the absence of live music when people were dying every day. Keeping ourselves, our families and everybody else safe has of course been the priority. But damn, I’ve missed it. And let’s not forget — many people’s livelihoods depend on live music. It’s return, as slow and staggered as it’s likely to be, is very welcome.

On Saturday, late afternoon and early evening, Alex’s Bar in Long Beach was the venue for an outdoor acoustic show featuring Frank Meyer and Dino Everett of rockers the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs, performing as the Frank & Dino Show.

Like all independent venues, Alex’s Bar has struggled over the past year. Back in February, owner Alex Hernandez told us, “It has been a very difficult time. My mental state of mind was in a dark place but thankfully the support of my wife, family, and friends has made me feel hopeful again. We have taken advantage of every grant, PPE loan, and offer out there. Online merch sales and our drive-thru liquor store gave a few staff members the opportunity to come back and at least get some sort of income… I want us to get back to a place where we can safely gather and fill our souls back up with music.”

The Frank & Dino Show (Brett Callwood)

For now, the stage inside remains unused. Filling the room up with people is still a stretch too far, but not for long. We’re nearly there. But the venue has set up a stage outside, tables, food — it’s all safe and smart. Throw your mask on when you go inside to buy a drink or use the bathroom, and you’re hunky-dory.

Albert Garcia and Rico Villanueva (the latter of LB punks Transistor) play first — both stand tall and fire though sets that blend covers with originals. Damn, it’s just good to be at a show.

Frank & Dino (plus sax by Geoff Yeaton) play a super-fun show that includes covers by Iron Maiden, Johnny Thunders, Sylvain Sylvain, Ramones, Van Halen and Hanoi Rocks. The originals included are no less entertaining, not least a song about ’80s cult sci-fi movie Trancers that features a “JACK DETH” call and response. Fans of the movie will be delighted. The unfamiliar remain confused, but that’s ok. Check out the flick.

Meyer told me that the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs are starting to book shows, as things continue along the road to normality. That’s wonderful news, but for now this will do just fine.

The Frank & Dino Show: Check out the Streetwalkin Cheetahs here. Frank Meyer also has a new band called The Dobermen with members of GayC/DC, Pansy Divison and Cry Wolf. The new single “Triggered” is out now. Find it here.

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