Georgia rapper Yung Baby Tate plays the Roxy this week, opening for LEIKELI47, so we sat down for a quick chat.

L.A. WEEKLY: When did you start writing and performing, and when did you realize it could be a career?
YUNG BABY TATE: I started writing and performing in third grade. I always knew it could be a career based off of watching my mom. 

Describe your sound/style.
I am an urban pop bad bitch bop.

Do you enjoy coming to L.A.? Any memories?
This will only be my second time in L.A. I enjoy the weather a lot. I only have show memories, like when I pulled my hamstring doing a split at Rolling Loud L.A. 

What can we expect from your set this time?
Expect the same energetic, empowering performance I always give. 

After this tour, what's next for you this year?
More shows and more music!

Yung Baby Tate plays with LEIKELI47 and JAMESDAVIS at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, April 24, at the Roxy.

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