The Amazon reviews for this product called The Daddle are hilarious. Just a few choice excerpts:

“I originally bought this because my daughter loves horsie rides,” says Bloody Difficult. “I quickly found that my wife likes to use it as well…Our boudoir life has never been better. I strap it to her back, grab the buggy whip, yell her sister's name, and attempt to stay in the seat for 8 seconds.”

“My dog is a large Molosser who easy carries my 145lb frame. Just throw on the saddle and away we go,” says Eric Rinderer.

“I loved the idea of this product at first,” says Heather Parks, “but after ordering, I began to have buyers' remorse. After a few weeks of trying to use the Daddle, I'm afraid that I have still not had success…No amount of duct tape would keep the cat attached to the saddle while it was on my husband's back.”

LA Weekly