The Best Astros 2022 World Series Gear 

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There are few things as ingrained in American tradition as baseball. Every year millions of fans watch their favorite teams in the hopes that they will reach the ultimate goal, winning the World Series. In 2022 the Houston Astros shattered the hopes and dreams of all other teams (especially the Philadelphia Phillies) by taking home the championship in a 6 game series. All other fans will have to wait for next year, but Astros fans get to celebrate now! We’ve compiled a long list of options for the best Astros World Series gear you can buy to show your support for the World Series champions.

Where to Buy Astros World Series Gear?

The Astros are no stranger to the World Series. Winning in 2017, and coming in 2nd last year, the Astros are on top of their game. This year they brought home the trophy once again, building on top of an already established legacy and making all fans rush to find the perfect item to commemorate their win! Luckily, we’ve got you covered with the best possible items you can purchase to flex on all other teams in the league.

1. Best Astros World Series Bobbleheads

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Bobbleheads are one of the oldest and most iconic forms of sports merchandise in the world. Many fans have spent years building collections of bobbles with their favorite players, mascots, sports announcers, and every other type of sports personality in between. Our favorite place to shop for Astros World Series bobbleheads is linked below. They are high quality and limited edition bobbles meant to commemorate this momentous occasion that any Astros fan would love to have.

Shop Astros World Series Bobbleheads

2. Best Astros World Series Ornaments

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Hanging Christmas ornaments is always a fun family activity. And this year it just got a whole lot more fun for Astros fans as they get to hang World Series Champions ornaments on the tree. This item is a great gift for the die-hard Astros fan in your life. Order now so you can get it before Christmas!

Shop Astros World Series Ornaments

3. Best Astros World Series Hats

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Hats are one of the most popular ways to show support for your favorite team and that doesn’t have to change this holiday season. FOCO is offering a World Series Astros Santa hat just in time for the holidays! This is the ideal way to show your excitement for another great year for the Astros while staying in the Christmas spirit. Make sure your friends and family don’t forget whose team won the World Series this holiday season! 

Shop Astros World Series Santa Hat

4. Best Astros World Series Collectibles

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Part of the fun of being a sports fan is the journey you go on each year, and there is no better way to represent an accomplishment or victory than with a great collectible. Collectibles allow you to have a physical token of the greatest moments in Astro’s history and also make great items for Astros fan caves, desks, or home displays. The 2022 World Series is definitely one you’ll want to remember and the link below has the best Astros World Series collectibles to add to your collection in 2022.

Shop Astros World Series Collectibles

5. Best World Series Holiday Gifts for Astros Fans

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The holidays are right around the corner and we have a feeling we know what Astros fans are wanting. From World Series ornaments to World Series Santa hats, it’s easy to deck the halls with World Series merch this holiday season. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or an Astros fan in your life, don’t wait, pick up the best Astros World Series Holiday gifts with the link below.

Shop World Series Holiday Gifts

What is the Best Place to Shop for 2022 Astros World Series Gear?

If you are still interested in searching for more Astros gear check out FOCO. FOCO is one of the largest retailers of officially licensed sports merchandise in the U.S. They have been in the industry for decades and have amassed a large collection of merchandise for all teams and leagues. For any Astros sports merchandise or products for other leagues check them out. We’re sure you’ll find something you love!

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