They may help mold the future of humanity, but many of our nation's early educators are just like any 20-something hot messes: They field concerns from parents, inspire students and nurse hangovers on the playground.

The innate humor and danger of this juxtaposition is why director Matt Miller approached another group of young, hot messes, Chicago-based comedy troupe The Katydids, to make a web series about the shit teachers say, and do.

The resulting hilarious series, Teachers, now featured on The Onion's Family Channel, features the six Katydids (named thus because each of their names is a derivative of Katie) as cheerfully challenged educators, trying to make it through the day.

Some episodes are simple three line exchanges, while others are two-minute debates on subjects such as whether or not a teacher should suck up to the kids she knows are gonna be hot (and may become movie stars who could donate to your favorite charity).

The series combines actual teaching experiences from the Katydids and their friends with fantasies of what they wish they'd had the guts to do. “The 'Statue Game' episode is based off times my coworkers or I would come to work hung over,” confessed Katydid Caitlin Barlow, an actual 4th grade teacher. “We had to resist every urge to do an activity that would just keep the kids quiet.”

And while most teachers probably haven't polled their class on what they think happened to Seal's face or whether their ex-boyfriend's Facebook pics with a new girl should be classified as “Friends” or “More than Friends,” they've definitely wanted to. –Stephanie Carrie

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