Suzanne Santo at the Moroccan: Suzanne Santo spoke to us in 2017 when she said of the HoneyHoney hiatus, “We’re the best of friends, but we wanted to try something different. We still champion each other, and are so supportive and excited. It’s a departure, but I still run a lot of big decisions by Ben and vice versa. We still figure it out as we’re trying solo stuff out.” Six years later and her solo career is in full swing. Catch her with Joshua & the Holy Rollers.

Of the 2017 Ruby Red album, she said, “I was in a darker place then. Cathartically coping with some of the more difficult things in life, one of them being myself. You’re always learning. It’s not a ‘fuck you’ album. The whole album’s about accountability. It’s about mistakes, and learning and growing from them. Just being accountable for them. It’s really important in all aspects of life to do that.”

“Some songs I had been working on for a while; some came out in the fourth quarter and needed to be on the record,” she continued. “What’s funny is that I listened to it after it had been mastered and I had an ‘oh shit’ moment. There’s a lot of sex on this record, and booze and drugs. It’s very sexy, and I totally freaked out. I had to be accountable for it. It’s a part of life sometimes. Sometimes I smoke, sometimes I drink, and then I don’t. It came out on the record, and I felt like the responsibility to take care of that in a way that it deserves. But this record is a lot more raw than I’ve ever been.”

Suzanne Santo at the Moroccan: The event takes place at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, August 4 at Moroccan Lounge.





















































































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