With Father’s Day just behind us, some new analytics demonstrate that there were a lot of fathers out there in Los Angeles who enjoyed their holiday for reasons not limited to just being with their children! Let’s take a look at some hard data hot off the presses, provided by New Frontier Data, about cannabis usage for all of you dads out there and everyone else who cares about us dads. Among 3,000 self-reporting fathers who consume cannabis, some distinct trends are emerging based upon the age of children.

(Courtesy of New Frontier Data)

  • Dads with kids under 18 consume more frequently than either those with adult children or men without kids; weekly use was reported as 75 percent, 46 percent and 62 percent, respectively.
  • Similarly, these dads consume cannabis in multiple forms (vaporizers, edibles, beverages, dabs, topicals, tinctures or pills) more than other males (who most commonly use joints, blunts or pipes). They also spend more on cannabis each month (52 percent are spending more than $100) than fathers of adults (22 percent) or childless males (31 percent).
  • Fathers of adult children are more likely (56 percent) to spend less than $50 per month for cannabis than are men without children (42 percent) or fathers of kids under 18 (21 percent).
  • Fathers of kids under 18 are more likely (59 percent) to consume cannabis alone than fathers of adults (52 percent) or childless men (53 percent); in fact, 31 percent reported only consuming it alone.

(Courtesy of New Frontier Data)

This data demonstrate that fathers with younger children need (or think they need) to be medicated more frequently, are more open to trying new consumption methods and different forms of manufactured cannabis goods, spend more money, and consume more alone. For any father of children (or mother for that matter) under 18, none of this will come as a surprise.


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