When is a cucumber ever just a cucumber? Maybe when Groucho Marx buys one at the Whole Foods in the sky. No, not even then. And definitely not in Magan & Rodriguez's latest music video.

Cucumbers, carrots, bananas, popsicles, licorice. It's a forest of edible phallic symbols as barely-clad cuties slice, dice and cavort to the Spanish duo's electro house hit, “Suck My.” Suck what? We don't think Magan, who looks sort of like a babyfaced José Andrés, means geoduck. In case an iota of doubt remains, the video explains it all by becoming NSFW at 3:10.

We don't expect subtlety or class from music videos, but not since Katy Perry ecstatically shot whipped cream out of her nipples in “California Gurls” has the marriage of food and music been this bizarre.

H/t to Europopped for always bringing us the trashiest in trashy tunes.

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