This just in: The Standard Downtown will be hosting Kitten Fashion Week, created by designer and publisher Mike Vensel to allow designers who don't have a budget to get to show their designs. I thought that's what Gen Art was for? Kitten Fashion Week, which gets its name from the magazine that Vensel not only publishes but is also Editor-in-chief,  will take a mix of brand spankin' new designers and more established ones to create 3 days of shows that they feel will make a welcome addition to Los Angeles Fashion Week. Designers showing include, Ziji (who showed at GenArt last season), Kevin Johnn, Kushcush (who showed at Smashbox)…and what's this? Mike Vensel? Yes, the creator, publisher, editor, renaissance man is also showing his own designs. Is this a case of  if-you-can't-join 'em-start-your-own? On first glance maybe, but in addition to generous support from sponsors Kitten will be SELLING tickets, $29.95 per show standing, $49.95 if you want a seat. PER SHOW. So maybe this is just a cash cow? The idea of selling to tickets to anyone who can afford to buy one, really diminishes the spirit of introducing budding designers. Who will they be introduced to? Rich bored wives of rich busy producers?  Smashbox is trying to change all that because it didn't work for them. And didn't LA's attempt to have two fashion weeks fail? How do they expect to compete? We're going to contact the folks at Kitten to find out. Stay tuned…

Posted by Linda Immediato

LA Weekly