Several of our most trusted budtenders have been abuzz recently about a new vaporizer pen called Spliffin.

Developed by a 32-year-old Pasadena native named Sergio, who has spent much of the past decade building out cannabis grow rooms, Spliffin cartridges contain solvent-free wax and come in a variety of strains and dosages, with products catering to everyone from the in-pain baby boomer who just started smoking again to the hardcore dabber who throws back a gram of wax a day.

“We’re trying to be not just another vape pen,” Sergio says. “Right now, people don’t like smoking vapes because the hardware is terrible and the oil is bad. We need to reintroduce people who had a bad experience.”


Toke has never been a fan of vape pens. Aside from the thrilling discretion they provide, allowing you to inconspicuously get stoned just about anywhere, they kind of suck. Vaporizing marijuana has always seemed to generate a lighter, quicker high, and vaping most wax seems to mean you’re guaranteed to ingest some amount of leftover butane.

We also bristled at the name, “Spliffin,” considering a “spliff” in traditional stoner parlance indicates a joint that includes tobacco. (Spliffin does sell some nicotine-infused cartridges, in addition to products that are just THC.)

Nevertheless, after a few days of experimentation, we have to concede that Spliffin is a pretty solid product. It produces none of the headaches, nausea or painful disorientation that we’ve come to associate with poorly-made concentrates. Cartridges go for $60 a gram and easily screw into the $20 battery, sold separately.

All told, it’s a lot simpler and cleaner than paying $50 or $60 for high quality wax, which then requires a propane torch and complicated bong-like set-up called an oil rig.

Perhaps this is why they’ve been selling like crazy. “We literally can’t keep it in stock,” Sergio says.

As cannabis inevitably legalizes in California in the next few years, Sergio and his partners intend to stick around and expand, marketing their low-dosage pens to new smokers and establishing a lifestyle brand. They’ve already built out a lounge-style showroom in the Arts District, replete with black leather chairs, Edison bulbs, exposed wood and the requisite electric guitar hanging on the wall.

So next time you’re down there, keep an eye out for the Spliffin sign. Toke swears they keep sample pens at the back of their space, sitting out on a silver platter.

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