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A natural question anyone could have is: what is a curb ramp? A curb ramp is a solid ramp designed to transition smoothly from a sidewalk or driveway to the road. Initially conceived as a disabled-friendly initiative, curb ramps are used for various purposes. It is now used in transportation on a broader scale. The different ways through which transportation benefits from curb ramps include:

  • Vehicle Access—Curb ramps allow vehicles a smoother transition onto the roads. They could be between roads and houses, driveways, and parking spaces. Curb ramps are designed to be sloped, reducing the risk of cars hitting them.
  • Avoiding Steep Driveways—Some properties might be located higher than the roads. Curb ramps make it easy for vehicles to enter the properties, which is helpful for cars with low ground clearance.
  • Accessible Vehicles– People with disabilities find ramps helpful for accessing properties.
  • Traffic Flow—Well-placed ramps from parking spaces to roads prevent traffic congestion by providing smoother transitions.
  • Efficiency in Parking Lots—Curb ramps provide convenient vehicle entry and exit, creating more parking space and improving efficiency.
  • Emergency Vehicle Access—Curb ramps in hospitals are handy for ambulance entry and exit and are safe for patients to pass through.

In addition to these, there are aesthetic benefits as well. They include:

  • Enhancing Curb Appeal– Curb ramps can be customized according to the style of houses and buildings. This provides an aesthetic exterior.
  • Landscaping– It is possible to plant flowers and other decorative items to enhance the appeal of the space.
  • Increase Property Value– In terms of functionality, Curb ramps can help improve the cost of property.
  • Snow Removal– Curb ramps help remove snow from driveways.

The significant reason behind the use of curb ramps is that of comfort. Roads and driveways have a considerable height difference between them. This height difference can cause substantial irritation to both the driver and passengers. No one likes spilling their coffee in their car. No one likes to hit their heads on their ride, either. Another technical reason associated with this is that it could damage the lower portion of the vehicle. Most modern cars have shallow ground clearance. Scrapping the underside is detrimental to the vehicle.

Why Smooth CurbTM?

So, are you someone irritated by the sudden jolts when you hit the road? Are you worried about spilling morning coffee on a car entering the road? Is the lower portion of your vehicle scrapping your driveway? Are you concerned about the suspension of your car? Well, you have a solution for these problems. Smooth Curb is the one-stop solution to these problems. A premium product under Smooth CurbTM, Driveway Curb Ramps protects you and your car from any damage caused by a driveway. It is specifically designed to create a smooth transition from road to driveways.

A natural question can come into your mind. Why would I have to spend money on something like a ramp? Isn’t this a very minor issue? What damage could it cause to my car? Smooth CurbTM can answer all these questions. Many consider the transition from roads to steep driveways a minor issue. However, the damage it causes to your vehicle could be long-term. Consistently hitting a steep driveway will affect the car’s longevity. Sudden jolts to the vehicle can affect your back and, ultimately, your comfort. Cars with low ground clearance are bound to get scrapped. All these problems could be solved with driveway curbs.

Technical Damages to Cars

Roads are a crucial aspect of infrastructure. And everyone deserves a smooth drive, regardless of their vehicle. Elevating the driving experience is vital for comfort. Thus, even minor impediments should be wiped away. The issues associated with curbs and cars may be silly. But if you are really into driving, you should be worried. One of the leading issues cars face without a curb ramp is related to drive shafts. Drive shafts are cylindrical, which transfer torque from the engine to the wheels. The primary purposes of drive shafts are:

  • Transmission of torque
  • Vehicle Load Support
  • Design Flexibility

When a car hits a rolled curb, it causes damage. The damage can be both physical and internal. Physically, it can bend the shaft or cause shaft failure. Internally, it could cause vibrations and other mechanical issues in the car. The damages a dented drive shaft can cause include:

  • Increased vibrations—Vibrations are typically irritating for drivers. Consistent vibrations can stress other vehicle components.
  • Imbalance to components– Balance is crucial for a smooth ride. An imbalance in vehicle balance can cause accidents.
  • Fuel efficiency—When the car system is imbalanced, it creates a more significant workload, which may cause other components to work harder for fuel efficiency.
  • Wear and Tear– A dented drive shaft will wear the other portions. By affecting longevity, different components would need replacing.

The diverse set of products available at Smooth CurbTM is designed to protect your vehicle from all these damages. With some money spent on our products, you can easily control these issues.

Hitting a rolled curb can cause damage to the joints of a car. Cars typically have U joints and CV joints. U joints are called Universal Joints. CV joints are called Constant Velocity Joints. These are essential parts needed for flexibility and rotation. Damaged U and CV Joints can cause:

  • Loud Noise
  • Turning difficulties
  • Flexibility loss
  • Transmission difficulties

Smooth CurbTM products are specifically designed to protect your vehicle from these long-term damages.

Advantages of Smooth CurbTM

The advantages of our innovative Curb Ramp system are:

  • Designed to fit Rolled curbs– The Driveway Curb ramp can be fitted to all curbs. It ensures a bump-free entry and exit between roads and driveways.
  • Prevents scrapping of driveway– If you are worried about scrapping your driveway with your vehicle, we have you covered. Our design ensures that the driveway remains intact.
  • Prevents scrapping the bottom of your car—Another worry you could have is the bottom of your car scrapping. The design of Smooth CurbTM ensures that your vehicle is perfectly elevated when you hit the curb.
  • Variety– Smooth CurbTM is the most versatile product available in the market. They are meant not just for cars, but for motorcycles, vans etc.
  • Durability– All the products under Smooth CurbTM are designed to withstand severe heat and rain. You will be buying a product for your lifetime.
  • Stylish curbs– The curbs under Smooth CurbTM are not just functional. It offers a specific style to your curbs.
  • Saves Money– An underrated effect of annoying bumps is that it can cost you. Consistently hitting bumps could affect the suspension and alignment of your vehicle. This can be costly to you in the future. Spending money on Smooth CurbTM can protect you from long-term financial burdens as well.
  • Improves Accessibility—Smooth CurbTM products can be helpful for cars, pedestrians, and cyclists.
  • Adequate Drainage– Our Smooth CurbTM products do not allow water build-up.
  • Eco-friendly– Our products are eco-friendly and do not damage nature in any manner.

Smooth CurbTM Products

SmoothCurbTM offers a wide range of products for smoother rides.

  • The Smooth CurbTM Driveway Curb Ramp is made with high-quality, durable rubber that can withstand time. It is designed for any vehicle hitting the curb. This premium product offers a smooth transition from driveway to street. It is specifically designed to protect the suspension of vehicles. It provides a sharp look and can be installed within 10 minutes. Sports cars, trucks, golf carts scooters, boats, wheelchairs, trailers etc. can all pass through this ramp effortlessly.
  • The Smooth CurbTM Four-foot Extension—The Smooth Curb extension expands the width of your ramp, allowing for a seamless transition between entry and exit. It is designed to fit any driveway width.

Smooth CurbTM product features

All products under Smooth CurbTM have these highlight features:

  • Easy to Install- Smooth CurbTM products can be put together by anyone. It would take just 10 minutes for anyone to assemble the products.
  • Outlasting the car—The main highlight is the durability of Smooth CurbTM They are designed to outlast heat, rain, and other extreme weather conditions. They are meant to make your driveway smoother for life.
  • Cost Saving- Long-term damage by hitting curbs can cause a financial burden. Smooth CurbTM products protect your vehicle from long-term damage. Our products ensure the longevity of your
  • Heavy-Duty Rubber—Smooth CurbTM products are guaranteed to be durable. They can withstand weights up to 32,000 lbs, making them an effective option for driveways. Uncomfortable and bumpy rides are now history. 

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