According to Eucerin, maker of skincare products, male skin is a lot thicker and oilier compared to female skin; therefore, skincare for men would be quite different from a female’s, although the margin is not too big. With that being said, it may be best to stick to skin care that is targeted for men specifically, since such products were created with the skin properties of men in mind. However, given that most skincare products nowadays are unisex, it will be alright not to use skincare that is labeled for men. 

So if you are struggling with your skin condition now, do not fret, as you can still adopt a skincare regimen to get healthier skin.

5 Skincare tips for men

1. Identify what skin type you have 

Before anything else, you must know what kind of skin type you have, since this will serve as your basis for purchasing the appropriate skin care product. 

There are five skin types:

  • Dry skin 
  • Normal skin 
  • Sensitive skin  
  • Oily skin 
  • Combination skin 

There are characteristics for each skin type, so you can know which one you have. 

If the skin is flaky, rough, and/or itchy, then it is dry. If the skin does not show any physical problems and is not sensitive, then it is normal. 

As the name suggests, oily skin refers to a face that seems overly shiny and greasy. Next, skin that is easily irritated (with a stinging or burning sensation) after applying skincare products is sensitive. 

Lastly, combination skin is where a person has both dry and oily areas on their skin. 

2. Use a facial cleanser instead of regular soap

When it comes to skincare for men, it is common to hear that men use the same bar of soap on their bodies and faces. 

This mostly comes from several women who express their frustration at the fact that they spend hundreds of dollars on skincare just to get clear skin, while men, on the other hand, use the same soap on their bodies for their faces and still get the same results as women. 

For the most part, this expression is comical, however, men must take note that body soap is not meant for facial use. 

Most, if not all, regular soaps are too good at cleansing the skin, so much so that the skin will be stripped of its natural oils, leaving it irritated and dry. 

The best way to cleanse the face would be to use an all-natural facial cleanser that is gentle on the skin. 

This ensures that your skin maintains its natural pH balance for healthier skin. 

Facial cleansers that are suitable for each skin type:

  • Dry skin (cream-based cleansers)
  • Sensitive skin (cream-based cleansers)
  • Oily skin (foam cleansers)
  • Combination skin (foam cleansers)

3. Religiously hydrate your skin 

It is often misinterpreted that moisturizing the skin will lead to oilier skin. However, the exact opposite happens since more hydration equates to less greasy skin. 

If the skin senses that it lacks moisture, the oil glands will secrete more sebum to provide hydration to the skin, and this tends to lead to overproduction of oil and hence oilier skin. 

The preventive measure for this is to always use a hydrating moisturizer. Try to look for the substance known as hyaluronic acid in skincare products because it aids in drawing and maintaining water in the skin. 

In regards to when you should be applying moisturizer, it would be best to apply it twice a day. Ensure that you also do this after cleansing your face. 

In the morning, apply a lightweight moisturizer with a minimum of SPF 30. This is to hydrate and protect your skin under the harsh sun. 

At night, this is where you may apply a moisturizer with a thicker consistency. 

4. Protect your skin 

Protecting the skin is an important topic to talk about with regards to skincare for men as this prevents a lot of damaging effects on the skin from pollutants and UV rays. 

Ensure that you consistently apply sunscreen when you go outdoors. Along with preventing burns, this also delays the onset of wrinkles, age spots, and aging. 

It is important to reapply sunscreen every two hours, but if your skin gets wet due to sweat or swimming, then reapply immediately. 

5. Check the label

A lot of people tend to disregard this tip and grab any kind of skincare product that they can find on drugstore shelves. 

This is a big no-no because people will not be aware of what ingredients they are applying to their faces. Not all skincare products are safe, mind you. 

Harmful ingredients commonly seen in skincare products are parabens, fragrances, alcohol, phthalates, and formaldehyde. 

Always check the label and avoid buying products that have the aforementioned ingredients. 


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