Sizzy Rocket Takes Off: Saturday, February 24 was Girl, Gays & Theys night at the Virgil on Santa Monica Boulevard, right on the boundary that separates Los Feliz from Silver Lake, and the crowd was clearly out to party.

Balloons suggest that somebody was celebrating a birthday — not that this fabulous group needed a reason to make merriment. The club is intimate — this was our first time there despite living a walk away. But the staff are wonderful, the sound is great, and the vibe is warm.

On the bill on Saturday was Mel 4ever and headliner Sizzy Rocket, with Pennywild DJing. Trans hyperpop star on-the-rise Mel 4ever strutted onto the stage and launched straight into a cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer.” The “I want to fuck you like an animal” line was given a little extra energy by an artist who has some great songs of her own to perform. Highlights included “Go Bitch!,” “Big League Chew,” and the super-subtle “Treat Me (Like a Toilet).”

The fun didn’t end there.

Sizzy Rocket challenges what it means to be a pop artist in 2022 with her DIY approach, poetic and unapologetic lyricism, and a genre-blending musicality that takes influence from punk, hip-hop, and beyond,” reads Rockets’ press bio, and that’s more than fair.


(Brett Callwood)

Sizzy Rocket busted onto the small Virgil stage like the future queen of alt-pop that she is. Occasionally armed with a keytar, glasses sometimes on, she strutted and danced her way through one killer song after another, simultaneously pouting and snarling.

All charisma and attitude, and blessed with an expressive voice, Rocket oozes talent and the Girls, Gays & Theys crowd lapped it up from the opening “Mommy” to the closing “IDCIDCIDCIDC.”

Six songs was nothing like enough — “Smells Like Sex” and “Tattoos” generating more energy than a literal generator. But the short, sweet set was enough to hammer home the fact that Sizzy Rocket is a rare talent and there is surely more to come.



















































































































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