Hey. My lovely Style Council colleague Lina just beat me to it, but I wanted to again remind you to buy local this weekend at Unique Los Angeles. It's on Saturday and Sunday, at the California Market Center (110 East 9th St, Downtown). There are going to be 200 vendors there. All of them are little independents who could use a boost this dreadful economic season. And there will be parking! I'm definitely going. Probably on Saturday. So come say hi if you see me. I'll be the one with glazed “shopper's eyes.” Plus, the LA Weekly is a host, and I'm told we have a lounge there. So maybe that's where I'll be, having a cupcake.

Here are some vendors you'll see there:
1. I Heart Guts — They make stuffed toys in the form of human organs. Plush esophaguses are so cute!
2. Poketo — You've probably heard of them by now. They make those funny, clever stitched wallets out of prints of peoples' art? They'll be there.
3. Beautiful/Decay — Isn't that the best name? They are a magazine of contemporary art and design. And they make tee-shirts. 
4. Cut + Paste — This website sells crafty things. They are smaller, and thus more edited than Etsy, and have been around since the Early Renaissance of the DIY craft scene. 
5. Jake & Micah — So, my cat received one of Jake & Micah's soft organic catnip fortune cookies as a present recently. She licked that cookie like there was no tomorrow, then passed out in a catnip-induced delirium. If you're struggling to fill your pet's stocking, then let this testimonial serve as an endorsement of the J&M product.
6. Ex Libris Anonymous — They make notebooks out of old book covers. These are good for several reasons. One, they are eco friendly. Two, they will make you look like you're reading a Hardy Boys novel instead of writing angry, existentialist prose straight from your black, black soul into your diary. 
7. Six Foot Owl — Brianne Cirel screenprints illustrations onto tees, jackets and such. There's this one velvet jacket with ribs printed onto it that you should see. Plus, if you like owls, they've got you covered.
8. Sweet Meats — Ham. In plush form. Are you wondering what to get your true love for Christmukkah? Get him a ham hock made out of felt. For further convincing, read my article on the plush food phenomenon. 
9. Clothing of the American MindPolitical tees for this, a most political of years. My favorite is the “Stop Wars” done in the Star Wars logo treatment. 
10. Cake Monkey Bakery — I haven't tasted these yet, but they look yummy. I will have a full report for you by Monday.

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