they identify with most, both sexually and fashionwise. At least that was our theory, which we put to the test at the Key Club's SATC premiere viewing party in the downstairs Plush Lounge, turned into a Sex-travaganza
featuring makeovers by Stila cosmetics, hair re-do's by Carlton Hair,
martinis and manicures, and the tarty threads of Betsey Johnson modeled Bullock's Wilshire Tea Room style. In fact, the only thing missing was the screening of the show itself, which was canceled at the last minute due to a contract conflict with HBO, although a gaggle of gals, sporting new coifs and makeup, invaded a nearby bar to watch, much to the delight of the male
patrons there. Promoter Heidi Richman plans to continue the shindigs, with lingerie and evening-wear designer Claire Pettibone, Lucky 13 T-shirts, Aerosoles Shoes, and vintage wear from Kim Ray Weissman appearing in
upcoming weeks. While the gals — and a few fellows — were gossiping and
getting gussied up, we asked: Who's your sartorial soul mate — Carrie,
Miranda, Samantha or Charlotte? Which of these amorous adventurers are you most like? And what are you wearing now?

(Photos by Larry Hirshowitz)


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IN THE CLOSET: I like what Carrie wears the most, but I don't know if I would wear her clothes. I like the way they look on her, but some of them are kind of crazy. I dress more like Samantha, but I still like Carrie's clothes the most.

IN THE BEDROOM: Maybe Charlotte, because I'm sort of a prude.

ON THE BODY: The blazer is from Wet Seal. The skirt, the top and all the rest from different stores in the Beverly Center. The shoes are Aldo. The purse is from the Melrose swap meet at Fairfax High School. This lady from Venezuela makes them, and each purse is one of a kind.



IN THE CLOSET: Probably Carrie 'cause she's the most avant-garde of all of them. She really puts stuff together well. I think last season she got a little out of control with some of the things, so up until last season I would say Carrie.

IN THE BEDROOM: I think I end up being kind of a combination of everyone. I think that's what's so great about the show. You can identify with all the characters at some point.

ON THE BODY: This skirt is vintage. My roommate got me the top. This necklace is vintage, and was my great aunt's. The shoes are Charles David.




Victoria, makeup artist

IN THE CLOSET/BEDROOM: I have never watched the show before in my life. I know very little about it.

ON THE BODY: My shoes and necklace are from Hot Topic. My skirt is Forever 21. My shirt I got from Two Lips down on Melrose. The corset somebody gave me. The flower I got at Nordstrom.

Debbie, makeup artist

IN THE CLOSET: I only watched the show a few times in the past, but I'll go with Carrie. She's very
fashion-forward, very savvy and has a real sense of style.

IN THE BEDROOM: I don't know that much about the show, but I think I'm somewhere in the middle.

ON THE BODY: I believe I got everything at Nordstrom. But the jacket I got on Melrose four years ago.


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IN THE CLOSET: At work, I would be more like Charlotte. Kind of conservative/preppy. Socially, I would probably be more like Carrie. I try to mix up vintage and new stuff from different eras.

IN THE BEDROOM: I guess I'm traditional with the whole monogamy thing. I'm probably most like
Carrie because I do analyze relationships and things.

ON THE BODY: I got it at Global Groove.



IN THE CLOSET: Carrie, definitely, because I'm a shoe fanatic. I don't have 200 pair of Manolo Blahniks like her, but put it this way — I bought six pairs for my birthday a couple of months ago.

IN THE BEDROOM: It would have to be a combination of Carrie and Samantha. Mostly Carrie personality-wise. We're both writers.

ON THE BODY: The dress is Nanette Lepore, a designer from New York. The shoes are Gucci.


Johnny, of the band Crash Radio

IN THE CLOSET: I haven't watched it enough to identify with anybody.

IN THE BEDROOM: I'm not a suave guy, but I fake it very well.

ON THE BODY: I got my outfit at a vintage store called Age of Innocence in the NoHo district.

Chad, man about town

IN THE CLOSET/BEDROOM: No one. Never seen it in my life.

ON THE BODY: I got my pants from Kmart. The shirt from an ex-girlfriend, and the jacket is borrowed from Johnny.



Assistant designer for the soon-to-debut couture house Linda Loudermilk

IN THE CLOSET: I think Carrie. I would wear the type of things she wears. The shoes, her hair. I like her playfulness. She's sophisticated and sexy, but also cute and young and a little edgy.

IN THE BEDROOM: I'd be a combination of Carrie and Samantha. I could eat guys up and toss 'em out, but then I also fall for them like Carrie does. I'm afraid I'll end up like Samantha, which I probably will if these boys keep messing up.

ON THE BODY: I got the top at Squaresville on Vermont for $14. The jeans are from my girlfriend, and my shoes are Colin Stuart. The earrings are vintage.



Meghan, student at Otis College of Art and Design

IN THE CLOSET: I don't have cable so I've only seen the show twice. I would say I'm most like Carrie. I mix designer with vintage. Cheap with expensive.

IN THE BEDROOM: I'm really reserved so kind of like a Charlotte.

ON THE BODY: It's from Madison, this store in Malibu. The jeans are Diesel, the shoes are Fornarina.

Christa, just graduated from Otis and looking for a job.

IN THE CLOSET: I would say Carrie. I like her style, it's really funky and she loves shoes too.

IN THE BEDROOM: I can relate to Samantha in some aspects, but only a little. I'd be between Samantha and Charlotte. I'm kind of in-between.

ON THE BODY: This dress is Betsey Johnson and the shoes are Aldo.

Heidi's Night of Beauty, every Sunday, July 21­September 8 (except Labor Day weekend), 7 p.m. on, Key Club's Plush Lounge, 9039 W. Sunset Blvd.,
West Hollywood; free, but you must call (310) 274-5800 to be put on the guest list.

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