If only the bible would have clarified the frustrating issues that have plagued paleontologists for centuries.

Have you ever considered prehistoric porn? Science is getting really close to declaring once and for all — “Dinosaurs did it doggy style! Ermm…dino style!” It definitely wasn't missionary (missionaries weren't around yet).

We can study the lizards and the birdies and know that, most likely, they arranged themselves front to back. But because soft tissue decays, we have no idea what a Brontosaurus penis looks like, let alone how it was used. Its possible Mr. Rex wasn't endowed with a sex appendage at all, but rather a single hole called the cloaca. One hole to fornicate, pee and poo. While it's fun to imagine a thrusting twenty-foot-long reptile dick, how are we to know?

Currently, the Interwebs are having a grand ol' time with this topic. Funny or Die, Wired, and Huffington Post are onboard. I am still giggling at Brian Switek's summary in Wired:

“Hur hur, dinopeen.”

After Dark has traced the recent cult attention of dinosmut back to a June Smithsonian piece (Switek, again), which further solidifies that we really don't know for certain how the Cretaceous lovers fastened their bits together.

However, I was able to find a really cool picture amidst some scribbly lines of what appears to be dinosaurs cuddling and/or copulating. Aww!

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