In between solving a $500 million budget shortfall, choosing a new Los Angeles Police Department chief and making sure those potholes get filled, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa found time to appear on this week's season finale of Bravo's Project Runway.

They had a little fun with the city's political leader, letting him ramble about the inherent greatness of L.A. while cutting away to focus on chatter among the designer contestants. When the camera returns to Mayor V, he's still talking, this time about how the city of Angels is something of a fashion capital.

Villaraigosa was in his element among the gleaming white architecture of the Getty Center. He's a natural among celebs and a favorite with the Westside's industry elite, who largely supported his candidacy. But did he have to wear so much makeup? Shots of hizzoner clearly show him donning some serious lipstick.

We guess it's part of the deal of being on TV. Or maybe it's just an L.A. thing (you know — all style …). As Tim Gunn says on the episode, “During the sixth season of Project Runway, we have fully embraced L.A. and L.A. has fully embraced us.”

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