This photo ran with a recent New York Times article on Palin and her “outsider charm.” The image begs some questions about her interior decorating style.

Are grizzly bears endangered?

No. At least, not anymore. The National Wildlife Federation declared the grizzly population in the areas surrounding Yellowstone National Park “recovered” and took them off the endangered species list in 2007. They have always been a game animal in Alaska, however. It's only grizzlies in the Lower 48 that were ever protected by the Endangered Species Act.

So, can I shoot a grizzly bear if I see one?



Okay, not inside a national park, where bears are still protected. Also be aware of state licensing laws, which tell you how many you can shoot in a year, and what you do with the hide after you shoot the bear. Assuming you kill it. Sometimes shooting at the bear just makes it angry.

Where can I buy a bearskin rug?

Online, where else. They retail for about $4,000. Google it.

Where did Palin get her bearskin rug?

Her dad shot it. Allegedly.

What about the crab on the coffee table?

What about it? Those are not endangered. Those are delicious.

Let's talk about the bear again. Native Americans and Tom Jones aside, why would anyone want a dead bear rug in their office? You don't see bears going around with human skin rugs in their offices, now do you?.

True. But bears don't feel the need to prove their worth as manly men. Or manly women.

Is it stylish? Or gross.


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