Aggretsuko has had enough! The 25-year-old red panda— and the latest Sanrio character to be introduced to the United States market — is tired of her co-workers handing off their work to her at the end of a long day. Aggretsuko is ready to scream out her aggression, death metal–style, at karaoke.

Sanrio unleashed the first English-subtitled video starring Aggretsuko on Jan. 5. Styled like a movie trailer, the clip garnered an immediate response from folks who could relate to the character's pent-up rage. “Sanrio is always striving to create characters and products and experiences that relate to our fans,” David Marchi, vice president of brand management and marketing, says by phone. “I even see it with Hello Kitty. People have always related to her and connected to her on a deeper level.”

LA Weekly