The artists in “Sancta” remain on terra firma in a search for some kind of topospheric truth, as well as some new approaches to a time-honored artistic preoccupation — the landscape. Some can’t see the forest for the trees, but even their close-up photographs, drawings and paintings of floral and arboreal subjects exude an atmosphere whose fragility is as apparent as its expansiveness. Maybe by now we automatically read a tenuousness into renditions of nature, but whether they’re videotaping, drawing on mylar, or binding together homemade tiles, these painters, sculptors, draughtspeople, photographers, videastes and installationators seem genuinely concerned not just with how natural things operate, and how we interact with them, but how well they’re going to endure. Adler Guerrier, Renee Lotenero, Anibal Catalan, Lucy H.G. and Marcos Lutyens stand out in this ten-artist group. “Sancta” at Steve Turner Contemporary, 275 ?S. Beverly Dr., Beverly Hills; Tues.-Fri., 11 a.m.-5 p.m., Sat., 1-5 p.m. (310) 271-3721. Through April 28.

Anibal Catalan, Overland Series (2006)

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