Fashion, music and rocket science rarely mix, but photographer and video artist Todd Cole has created a creative confluence between the disparate media. In his experimental (read: daring) film, Aanteni, Cole brings together the visionary fashion design of Rodarte's Laura and Kate Mulleavy, the otherworldly soundscapes of No Age, and the Hawthorne rocket engine lab of Space X. The short film begins as an Andres Serrano-esque title sequence that evolves into a Soviet sci-fi styled, slow burning thriller. Starring Guinevere van Seenus (a name obviously originating from the 24th century), the film simply portrays her journey to get onto a space craft. On the surface, it is a simple idea, but visually and conceptually it's much richer. Rodarte, No Age and Space X (created by Elon Musk, founder of Paypal, who chose to build electric sports cars and explore space with his riches instead of starting a vodka company) all share one common denominator: innovation. After all, blasting into space and creating new fashion or music are no different, you're exploring new worlds and boldly going where no one had gone before.

So today, instead of taking a smoke break, take a inspiration break. Subject yourself to 8 minutes of beauty and see what happens.

Here's something else to get you started:

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