Angus Oblong is the creator of the cult favorite cartoon The Oblongs and author of Creepy Susie and 13 Other Tragic Tales for Troubled Children. He attends “four or five” conventions a year, where he meets fans and signs things like books and body parts. He says that his favorite cons are Chicago Comic Con, Dallas Comic Con, Wizard World and Emerald City Comic Con.

We ran into Oblong, who we also featured in the 2009 L.A. People issue, at Rock'n Comic last Saturday and asked him a few questions about his con experiences.

What's the weirdest thing that happened to you at a con?

I signed a guy's butt. It was really hairy. It's on my Facebook.

Did he get it tattooed?

I hope so. I signed a little a kid. She's only seven. I signed her face. I hope she gets it tattooed too.

I think I'm the weirdest thing that's happened to other people at a con.

Credit: Shannon Cottrell

Credit: Shannon Cottrell

Do people get scared?

Oh, yeah, coulrophobia is huge. That's fear of clowns.

What's the strongest reaction you ever got at a con?

I made a baby cry by just looking at it. That's pretty awful.

When you sign, do people ask for special messages? Do you get weird requests?

Mostly insulting things, like, “Tell my brother to fuck himself.”

Credit: Shannon Cottrell

Credit: Shannon Cottrell

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