If you know your ascendant, read it too.

GENERAL FORECAST: Militant Mars is leading the parade of planets through Scorpio, so when the sun and moon merge on Tuesday to usher in the regenerative Scorpio new moon, you might not feel that you’re getting a new lease on life. Nonetheless as October comes to an end Mars makes favorable aspects to optimistic Jupiter, constructive Saturn and surprising Uranus, the last one occurring on All Hallows Eve. Boo!

ARIES(March 20–April 19)

Researchers, teachers, media professionals and media critics could get an opportunity to score points when Mercury tests the power of Jupiter’s propaganda this weekend. Thank a relative youngster for challenging your philosophy and/or questioning your musical tastes — and also your association with like-minded colleagues. While this is not a slap in the face, the experience could serve as a wake-up call, a reminder that your courageous Mars ruler is approaching a rewarding, potentially life-changing trine to innovative Uranus on Halloween.

TAURUS(April 20–May 20)

Tuesday’s Scorpio new moon could mark the beginning of a new phase in one of your significant relationships. Therefore, it probably wouldn’t hurt if over the weekend you make an attempt to clear away some of the crap that’s been blocking further progress. An attitude adjustment, a sincere apology, a special meal; whatever it takes. Just be sure you remain your simpatico yet stoical self because, with acidic Mars in your Scorpio marriage house, your partner, ally or “frienemy” might be in attack mode. Patience furthers.

GEMINI(May 21–June 20)

Part recreation, part dedication. This week your efforts may be equally divided between following your Mercury ruler’s suggestions and doing what energetic Mars in your Scorpio house of work and service advises. Mercury, still transiting your zone of romance and risky ventures, can deliver the “big reveal” as it contacts delusional Neptune for the last time this season. Try to complete any paperwork before the weekend so that you can pursue an opportunity Mars offers when it favors the planets affecting your career and family.

CANCER(June 21–July 22)

Take a deep breath and, before the Scorpio new moon kicks in Tuesday afternoon, try to consciously let go of whatever difficulties transpired during the last four weeks. Once a Moon Child is exposed to fresh lunar energy, you can assume that, because Scorpio is a regenerative water sign, the new lunar cycle should heal what hurts. If nothing else, it’ll get you through Election Day and its aftermath. You could also get a sense of what may be in store come Halloween when horny Mars in your house of risk and romance aligns with erratic, erotic Uranus in Pisces.

LEO(July 23–August 22)

Tuesday’s new moon in Scorpio can redirect your attention to a situation involving a sibling, neighbor or online friend, something you may have been thinking about during Mercury’s recent retrogression. That’s also when the Messenger returns to the point at which it flipped on September 24. So in a strangely synchronistic way, you’re about to begin again. If you’re looking for a clue, watch what happens this weekend when single-minded Mars, already well into Scorpio, points to a project that’ll enhance your reputation.

VIRGO(August 23–September 22)

This week, because all the planets, including the moon, are situated between Virgo and Pisces, i.e., below the horizon of your solar chart, you may have much more of a personal stake in what happens. Chances are you’ll concentrate on a paycheck and your bank balance, not on investments or other people’s resources; on a neighbor or a relative, not on a client, candidate or community leader; on your lover or a teammate, not fellow club members or professional colleagues; on your own health practitioner, not the HMO.

LIBRA(September 23–October 22)

Good news. The Scorpio new moon on Tuesday infuses your second house of personal assets and attitudes with fresh energy. If you don’t want to wait that long, if your patience has worn thin, watch what happens when impulsive Mars, halfway through its transit of resourceful Scorpio, contacts beneficial Jupiter as the weekend begins. You don’t have to jump on the first opportunity that comes your way, but you should give it due consideration. Keep in mind that until Nov. 4, fact-checking Mercury will still be in your sign.

SCORPIO(October 23–November 21)

The support offered you this week comes from planetary forces that shape countries, economies and cultures. Therefore, don’t dismiss any ideas that cross your mind or events that occur as your Mars co-ruler forms favorable alliances with expansive Jupiter, regulatory Saturn and innovative Uranus. Remind yourself that having Mars in your sign, but only until mid-November, can make you more courageous, more independent than you’ve been in years. So if you want to launch a crusade, this would be the time.

SAGITTARIUS(November 22–December 21)

Make the most of the new moon energy arriving on Tuesday because whatever begins at that time comes to fruition at the full moon on 11/12. Unfortunately for lovers, that is the same day amorous Venus exits Sagittarius. Although there are no major aspects to Venus this week, enough attention is being paid to your Jupiter ruler to keep you occupied. Speaking of paying, having generous Jupiter in your Capricorn money house, could wind up costing more than you figured. Watch out for the wordmeister and/or another media blitz.

CAPRICORN(December 22–January 20)

Other than listening to a parent or employer sound off while Mercury in your midheaven tests just how magnanimous Jupiter in your sign is making you, Caps are in good shape this week. A colleague or casual friend may approach you with one of those entrepreneurial-type projects that eventually turn a profit, but probably not until go-getting Mars hooks up with Jupiter in February. By then Jupiter will be in your Aquarius money house and your attitude might have changed: not as protective of the self-image you’re currently projecting.

AQUARIUS(January 21–February 18)

What does a well-dressed, occasion-appropriate Water-Bearer wear for Halloween? Do you take advantage of Neptune’s imaginative use of makeup while the master of illusion is still in your sign? Or do you dare to go where bloody Mars leads because it is supporting your idiosyncratic, rule-breaking Uranus ruler? Will you opt for the dream-like or the daemonic? If prize money is involved, then the rewarding trine between Mars in your Scorpio house of honors and Uranus in your Pisces money house could tip the scales.

PISCES(February 19–March 19)

Read for Aquarius. If money isn’t influencing your choice of what to wear for Halloween, simply follow your fancy, even if that winds up being no more eye-popping than a fancy dress outfit. Once again your artistic Neptune ruler and unconventional Uranus in Pisces are doing their little dance, sometimes cheek-to-cheek, sometimes not. Because highly motivated Mars in Scorpio favors Uranus this week, chances are you’re being encouraged to make a change that’ll have a greater effect on you personally than another change of clothing.

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