Now that autumn is officially here, watch the fall season
kick in, in earnest. Easily said and done while artistic Venus and Neptune,
its higher, artier vibration, form a provocative square this weekend. Vocal
Mercury and Saturn may provide constructive criticism, but not much else happens
until next weekend. October begins with a big bang as macho Mars turns retrograde
the same day that it perfects its opposition to Venus. During their annual polarity,
men and women have been known to suit up for the traditional battle of the sexes.
The Libra new moon on the 3rd is a solar eclipse.


On October 1, your Mars ruler goes retrograde for the next 10 weeks. Since
impulsive Mars is transiting your second house of assets, values and money you
earn, it makes down-to-earth Taurean sense to pay extra attention to this area
of your life. Also, security issues could be more of a concern than they usually
are. Two days later, there's a new moon/solar eclipse in your Libra house of
partners and co-workers that can have an impact on a significant relationship
for a long time to come. With so much drama in one week, make like a Boy Scout:
Be prepared.


The main astrological event this autumn is Mars' turnaround in Taurus. From
October 1 until December 9, the planet of initiative (as well as irritability)
will be retracing the steps it has taken and the progress you've been making
since mid-August, which is also when Mercury came out of retrograde. Can't remember?
If need be, look through your diary to see what's been your primary focus since
then, because that's what is coming up for review. Desires may wane, tempers
will cool, and missed opportunities could re-appear.


Although the image of Nero fiddling away while Rome burns might not fit your current state of mind to a T, your ear for music and fondness for fooling around are particularly pronounced right now. Solar Libra is the time Twins should concentrate on playing games, having fun and making love. It's also when you're most receptive to all the Muses, your own and everybody else's. No matter if you're frustrated over a financial matter or you're having second thoughts about a relationship, don't stop doing the things that please you.


While magnetic Venus takes up residence in your Scorpio house of romance, it may be difficult to focus on any other aspect of your life. The appeal is undeniable, the fascination inexplicable, the sexual attraction intense. So if your allegiance to a group is tested when Mars in Taurus changes direction, your love life shouldn't suffer. The connection between Venus and Mars, as well as your ties to Scorpio and Taurus natives, won't be broken. But once Venus enters freewheeling Sagittarius on October 7, all bets are off.


Of course, money will continue to matter, but while your sun ruler is in judicious Libra, you'll take greater notice of your other assets, perhaps a liability as well. Since Libra is such a gracious, sociable sign, don't be surprised if you're mixing with folks you normally wouldn't. Meanwhile, an attempt to straighten out a situation at home or fix up the place might be interrupted when energetic Mars in productive Taurus does a sudden about-face on October 1. Sincere efforts could be sidetracked until the Christmas office party.


Attention to the minute details of a money matter must be paid while your discerning Mercury ruler travels through Libra. Balancing the books, literally and figuratively, is what you tend to do this time of year. Be sure to remind yourself that expansive Jupiter, planet of prosperity and optimism, is still in Libra, but only for another month. Once it's gone, so go the carrots the jolly giant has been dangling. However, when Mercury merges with Jupiter on October 5, you could get lucky one more time.


Can't shut up? With the sun, Mercury and Jupiter in your sign, you're about as close to media central as a person (or on-air personality) can get. And since your affable Venus ruler in sexy Scorpio commands the attention of macho Mars, precious little will knock you out of the top spot. However, while your ratings stay high, your finances might take a dive, especially after Mars turns retrograde on the 1st. Review mutual funds, insurance policies, bank loans, your living will – any arrangement that involves someone aside from yourself.


Lovable Venus carousing through your sign appoints you “flavor of the month,” but when the goddess and your Mars co-ruler face off around the 1st, there could be a bitter confrontation with your mate. If you steel yourself for the impending shock, the impact shouldn't be too painful. However, since Mars will be retrograde until December 9, the recovery could take longer than anyone anticipates. Proceed slowly, review your options, and allow another potential partnership, particularly in business, to develop in the meantime.


One part preparation, one part trepidation. Until Venus arrives in Sagittarius on October 7, you could be caught in a net of intrigue. While the goddess is playing Mata Hari in your Scorpio house of secret enemies and karmic debt, she might set off a chain reaction that jeopardizes your relationship with a co-worker, health professional or a group that provides a service you really need. There isn't a whole lot you can do about the machinations except be patient and try to stay on top of the day-to-day developments.


It could work both ways. Adventurous Mars turning retrograde in your Taurus house of romance, recreation and risk taking will definitely halt progress of one kind, e.g., if you're on the fast track to nowhere. Ten weeks of reconsidering and re-evaluating should reveal another side to the relationship you're courting or the game you're so eager to play. And because an earthy Bull has a slow-and-steady approach similar to the cautious Goat, Mars' reversal (or reprieve?) could turn out to be a blessing in disguise.


As October begins, you could feel torn by the opposition between aggressive Mars in Taurus and diplomatic Venus in Scorpio. What'll serve your individual interests best, a take-charge approach to a domestic matter or an “anything to keep the peace” attitude at work? The atmosphere at work changes fairly soon, but Mars will be fuming and fussing around the house for the rest of the year. That's where your peacekeeping efforts should probably be directed, but don't count on a quick solution to the problem. Remodeling?


If Fish are enrolled in school, then curious Mars turning retrograde in Taurus, the sign governing your education and communication skills, may prevent you from making the sort of progress you anticipate. Which might not be such a bad thing; “thorough” instead of “speedy” has its advantages. If you're into sales or the travel business, a retrograde Mars could be a hindrance at the onset, but in the long run, a beneficial respite from the frantic pace of the rat race. There are bound to be other repercussions, especially while Mercury is retrograde in November.

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