Ever since the release of RMR’s debut single “Rascal,” everyone has wanted to know just who is this man behind the mask? While his voice and talent have captivated millions, the identity of the artist remains unknown, forcing us all to focus solely on his art. 

“I want people to fall in love with the music before they fall in love with me. I want the music to speak for itself,” explains the enigma on this week’s episode of the L.A. Weekly podcast, hosted by publisher Brian Calle and Irvine Weekly writer Ryan Leuteritz. 

When did he know that RMR wanted to make music, and that this was how he wanted to do it? 

“This is exclusive but, May 2019,” RMR tells us.

“May 2019?” Brian asks. “That day was like, the day?”

“Yes,” RMR answers succinctly. 

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No bullshit here, RMR knew he wanted to do music from that day – that month – onward, and never looked back. 

“If I like something, I trust my ear 100%,” he furthers. “Since I was a child. I tend to go the opposite from trends and fads. Everything the mass public is doing I consider wrong so I don’t do it, I do the total opposite.”

From venturing into less popular musical genres to exploring his style, he’s been going with his gut from day one. A gut he has to rely on heavily, as he’s currently in Nashville recording music. 

“I definitely have country music influences,” he shares. “I have hip hop influences. I have pop influences. I even have reggaeton influences. I have a lot of influences. On this next project you can just expect music. I’m not going to say it’s going to be a ‘x’ album. It’s going to be music that makes sense to me.”

He isn’t making music for the club. He isn’t making music for TikTok. He’s making music for himself. And you’re going to like it. 

Has he revealed his face to anyone who has met him as RMR? 

“No,” answers the artist. 

“Who’s the closest person to you that doesn’t know your identity?” Asks Ryan. 

“I’d probably say my A&R, Norva (Denton), over at Warner,” says RMR. 

How does he determine when to wear the mask, and when not to wear the mask? 

He’s not going to tell you. In fact, he’ll just ask you what mask you’re talking about. 

“Anything that needs RMR. When does Superman put on a cape? When he’s needed,” he tells us. 

The longest amount of time he’s worn the mask? An entire day and a half. Thanks to COVID-19, he’s actually had to wear a mask under his mask a few times. 

COVID-19 has messed with a lot of his plans, including traveling, performing and relationships. Even this podcast, which normally would be in person. 

“I’ve never done a radio interview or an actual in person,” RMR confesses. 

That just means the best is yet to come. 

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