Revolutionizing How to Directly Capture Product Sales Data Using Mobi Software

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In an era where real-time data capture is no longer a luxury but a necessity, MFMsoft has launched an AI-driven software named “Mobi” that is set to transform the Consumer Product Industry. Mobi launched with one of the Coca-Cola Bottlers on October 24, 2022. Mobi is designed to effectively capture product sales data from customers’ systems, empowering businesses with access to real-time, and delivering invaluable insights.

Reyes Coca-Cola, a global beverage behemoth, initiated this collaboration with MFMsoft in January 2021 which evolved into Mobi. MFMsoft’s primary objective (and challenge) was to develop software capable of capturing sales data without disrupting its customers’ digital environment. MFMsoft achieved this and more with Mobi. Unexpectedly, MFMsoft discovered an additional capability which enables consumer product companies to control product presence on customer online menus.

Prior to Mobi’s inception, consumer product companies lacked a digital solution to obtain real-time product sales data from their customers. The only available method was to acquire scanned data from major retailers or the use of API connections, which faced considerable resistance due to its inability to restrict data access to specific SKUs. Regrettably, API connections exposed all sales data, a privacy breach that customers were understandably reluctant to accept.

With Mobi software, consumer product companies can bypass this hurdle. These businesses are no longer confined to receiving delayed manual data from a mere 2% of their customer base, a base consisting primarily of significant customers and distributors. Mobi’s innovative technology allows for connection to any customer— from major retailers to convenience stores—and captures sales data in real-time, opening up a previously untapped 98% reservoir of customers who were previously not sharing sales data.

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It is important to note that Mobi is not a data aggregator nor an analytic software. Instead, it allows consumer product companies to directly capture their product sales data from their customers’ systems. This is accomplished by licensing Mobi’s software, which then seamlessly links with the customers’ systems to capture real-time product sales data.

Not only does Mobi enable consumer product companies to capture their product sales data from their customers systems, but if a customer’s system operates an online menu, Mobi automations instantly identifies it and injects the consumer product companies authorized trademark product images into those systems, enhancing the online menu’s accuracy and brand representation.

Another important consideration to note: despite the increasing scrutiny on AI usage, Mobi champions responsible AI utilization. The software is designed to prioritize safe and non-disruptive data capture, distancing itself from the negative press surrounding AI.

Having given Reyes Coca-Cola six months to test Mobi with various customers and applications, MFMsoft is now ready to license the software to all consumer packaged companies and product or brand owners worldwide. With the potential to work in any language and for any country, Mobi is poised to revolutionize the way product sales data is captured and managed globally while enabling automation to manage the presence and image injection of the Brand products into the customers online menus. Beverage Digest, recognized as the foremost authority in the beverage industry, renowned for its comprehensive coverage of the dynamic global non-alcoholic beverage sector, showcased a meticulously detailed analysis of Mobi, shedding light on its unparalleled value proposition for all beverage companies.

Mobi’s creation marks a significant milestone in the evolution of real-time data capture for the consumer product industry. MFMsoft has not only addressed the critical need for seamless data capture but also unveiled an additional feature to enhance product presence and representation in online menus. Mobi’s mission is to enable all consumer product companies to control their products’ data and presence within their customers systems in a seamless and non-disruptive manner. As Mobi becomes more widely available, it is set to redefine how consumer packaged companies approach data access and leverage it for strategic decision-making, firmly establishing itself as a game-changer in the industry.

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