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Greatest Hits (Warner Bros.)

Rett Madison Loves the Mac: Singer, songwriter and musician Rett Madison told us about her love for a classic Fleetwood Mac comp.

Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits 1988

(Warner Bros.)

Rett Madison: Fleetwood Mac’s Greatest Hits was the soundtrack to my earliest memories of my mother, Jackie. Whenever we’d take a drive through the Appalachian hills, my mother—most often adorned in leopard print and large black sunglasses—would sing along to Stevie Nicks’ vocals in between drags of her Marlboro Reds.

My most requested song from the back seat of my mom’s 1996 Mercedes was “Everywhere.” As a little girl, I was entranced by Christine McVie’s vocal and I affectionally nicknamed it the “The Magic Song” because the intro reminded me of spells and wind chimes. I was blown away to learn as an adult that the intro was actually a half-speed acoustic and electric guitar combined.

Whenever I feel homesick or nostalgic, Fleetwood Mac’s Greatest Hits is my go-to album. The songs on this album have comforted me year after year and throughout many chapters and transitions in my life. Fleetwood Mac’s songwriting has proved timeless, resonating with people across generations while simultaneously allowing me to feel that these songs were handcrafted for me, serving as a thread to my mother through space and time.

Rett Madison Loves the Mac: Rett Madison’s album One for Jackie is out October 27.

































































































































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