Not a rainy day goes by where Angelenos pass up the opportunity to complain about local drivers. The comment–much like the complaints about mythical home ownership, lackluster pizza (Two Boots excluded), and our comforting smog halo–seldom veers far from the statement: “People in L.A. can't drive in the rain.” It may seem annoying when a white Prius or a pickup stacked high with discarded televisions/mattresses/wicker chairs slams the brakes at every splash or over-sized rain-droplet. But with every rainy day in L.A. (all six or so of them) comes an opportunity to slow down, relish the gridlock, and enjoy a moment with some songs that rarely feel appropriate in sunnier times. So for this rainy day, we present five songs from the frost-bitten and rain-soaked corners of the world, where they know more than a little about putting some light in dark days.

Feel free to let us know your essential rainy day mixtape in the comments. Thanks.

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