The Republic of Laughter on Melrose Avenue is now open, and it's pretty damn funny.

Chef Govind Armstrong created the menu, which is described as “artfully designed, conscientiously sourced fare.” The chef de cuisine is Jacob Wildman, who will be the on-site chef type person. But that's not what's so funny.

First, they want us to call the place ROFL Cafe. Second, the press release says things like, “The eatery is inspired by wisdom from the likes of Tony Robbins” (hope there's no hot coals involved), and “Its concept is grounded in the empirical research of world-renowned Dr. Masaru Emoto, which reveals the transformative power of positive words.”

ROFL celebrates these elements in a menu filled with funny quips, while cheery expressions dance on the walls and dishes. Sunshine pours in through its 3,800-square-foot indoor/outdoor patio and shines across its white marbled countertops married to deep espresso and chocolate furnishings. They brand it as a “happiness cafe” (emphasis theirs).

What I expect from this place, apart from “colorful bursts of generous salad combinations [that] range from $11 – $14” and “specialty sandwiches [that] are pure bliss between two slices, at just $10 – $14,” is that there's a person dressed up as the Joker laughing hysterically in the corner at all times and a stereo that only plays LMFAO. SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS!! (Just kidding — there's no booze at ROFL. How unfunny is that?)

OK. Just for no reason at all except it's almost barely related to this post, here's a video of LMFAO dubbed over with the Star Wars cantina song. (A cafe!! An internet laughing acronym!! Get it!?) Happy Friday!

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