Earlier this month, Vic Chesnutt, the Athens-based singer-songwriter, whose guitar strings seemed to be connected straight to his heart, played at the Echoplex, and Christmas day, he died. According to friend and collaborator Kristin Hersh, Chesnutt had committed suicide. But for Chesnutt, death was always on the mind, as he told L.A. Times about his song, “Flirted With You All My Life”: “I've been a suicidal person all my life, and that song is me finally being 'Screw you, death.' “ Chesnutt was confined to a wheelchair since a car-accident when he was 18 and had incurred almost $70,000 in medical bills. His sorrow and joys, insecurity and strength, were woven into the fibers of his songs and few moments captured all of Chesnutt better than this performance for NPR's All Songs Considered in 2007. Experience Chesnutt's unflinching honesty and disarming humbleness as he plays this deskside show.

After the jump, enjoy a few MP3's from his last album, At the Cut

Vic Chesnutt – Chain [MP3]

Vic Chesnutt – Philip Guston [MP3]

Vic Chesnutt – Flirted With You All My Life [MP3]

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